Three Thrones, Seven Hundredth Unicorn, Piss Wizard, Horace @The Waiting Room, Colchester (UK) – 6th June 2015

It was that time of the month when local riff worshipers congregated for yet another Shallow Leisure event at The Waiting Room.

Three Thrones Seven Hundredth Unicorn Piss Wizard Horace Waiting Room Colchester 2015

I could not pick a better description than the band’s own genre tag: “sedentary metal”. Horace’s set at the Waiting Room, which was their first ever performance in Colchester, was powerful for one reason: their instrumental madness and rich-in-feedback sound mesmerised the crowd so much that in-between the songs no one uttered a word, silence filled the room…until a mobile phone broke the ice. People were either in great awe or just confused.

Check out their official website.

Piss Wizard started off with the feeling that they perform something similar to Horace but with the occasional vocals. The music gradually developed into a mix of heavy instrumental sludge with traditional heavy metal riffage à la Motörhead and High on Fire. The audience’s enjoyment of their show was reflected in their headbanging and fist-pumping. The crowd’s participation was livelier compared to the first act – it’s no surprise since the band was energetic and actually interacted with everyone. If I were you, I would watch out for any gig or music announcements from the band via Facebook.

Although tonight was local heroes Three Thrones who were last on the bill headlining, it was Milton Keynes’ Seven Hundredth Unicorn who were the band of the night.  The two-man act made of a drummer and a guitarist, churned out mighty riffs and massive drum beats with a sludgy punk vibe which commanded everyone to headbang in the rhythm of their tunes. Even those outside enjoying the summer weather were compelled by the mighty riff to enter the venue and embrace the noise. If I had a record label, I would have offered them a record deal instantly.

Seven Hundredth Unicorn on Facebook.

That was not all the night had to offer for us though. Three Thrones also put on a magnificent set which consisted of their original instrumental sludge rage.  Although there weren’t as many people as on other Waiting Room metal gigs (possibly because the Summer Ball was on at the same time at the University of Essex), it was noticeable that this band is loved by the local people as everyone seemed to have enjoyed the show. Even those sitting down or standing by the bar were nodding in enjoyment. Active participation from the crowd would be an understatement: first, a few members of the audience sit down in a line and pretend to row to the rhythm of the music while during another song, a few people created a human pyramid! Are human pyramids now the new kind of moshing or headbanging? Whatever it may be, the band’s music was enjoyed by the audience so much that it livened them up to do stuff together and have fun. That’s what matters in music – as long as it’s passionate and connects people then it is a job well done, at least in my mind.

Look out for the Three Thrones new release which they will start recording in July. Three Thrones on Facebook.

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