UK TECH-FEST: Heart Of A Coward to Headline

As if UK Tech-Metal Festival 2015 couldn’t be filled with any more breakdowns and anger. Milton Keynes groovy metalcore outfit Heart of a Coward, new album on the horizon and all, will be making their debut headline appearance and their first at the Newark Showground.

Uk Tech Fest final 2015

Being no strangers whatsoever to the tech metal scene, Heart of a Coward are perfectionists at crafting stuff mercilessly heavy and riddled with polyrhythmic power. They bring a devilish hardcore element to their songwriting, in which live attendees waste no time in throwing a variety of shapes at every opportunity. If there is anybody to headline Tech-Fest that isn’t TesseracT or Monuments or anybody that has been at the forefront of the ‘djent’ movement of the last few years, then Heart of a Coward rank at the top of the list.

The band have a new album due out this year, and what perfect way to give a very enthusiastic crowd a flavour of what is already an amazing live show all around?

With that announcement, that effectively completes the line-up for 2015. We are still due, to my understanding, announcements regarding after-parties and guitar workshops and the like. But that will come in due course.

Are you excited yet?

You can find the full line-up and official website here for details on ticket prices.

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