3 Bands You Should Be Rockin’ Out To: The Poodles, The Black Lantern & Cloud Maze

Dom looks at three bands and their latest releases which you may have missed out on.

The Poodles - Devil In The Details

The Poodles – Devil in the Details

Well, the name here couldn’t be any better could it? I love it. However, we all know that by just looking at the band name, many will not treat this act seriously and won’t even bother to listen to them. Thankfully, I did. Devil in the Details is their sixth album and is packed with feel-good rock anthems made to be performed at huge arenas and summer festivals. Fans of Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and of all things rock should check this out.

The Poodles are touring Europe this Autumn. Stay up-to-date via Facebook.

The Black Lantern - We Know the Future

The Black Lantern – We Know the Future

You better beware because California’s The Black Lantern do indeed know the future. Their no-bullshit attitude (check lyrics via their Bandcamp) mixed with a great variety of audible influences ranging from punk to grunge to heavy metal created a great modern-sounding record. This is post-punk with a grungy feeling. Fans of acts such as L7, Hole or Soundgarden will find something to like here.

The Black Lantern are so punk, they do not have Facebook but you can find them on Twitter.

Cloud Maze - Maybe, U Decide

Cloud Maze – Maybe, U Decide

From the electronic and funky side of rock we have Cloud Maze from Russia with their debut full-length. Their music will make you dance. Like, seriously dance. They might not be reinventing any wheel here but the quality of the music here is exceptional, well-recorded and well-performed. It sounds even better when you consider the fact that they have only been around for two years. Fans of Yeasayer or Muse and everything that rocks in a funky and dancing way will appreciate this album. Get your groove on, man!

Cloud Maze are putting on some awesome dance moves on Facebook.

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