Leprous – The Congregation

Their most emotional and their darkest album to date.

Leprous only formed in 2001 and fourteen years later it already seems like they are veterans. Why? The music speaks for itself; their fourth full-length is not only a “progressive metal” album, it is an album which demonstrates the band’s maturity. They might be a progressive band, which is clear from their choice of melodies and chord progression; however, they are not in-your-face progressive. This album is the best evidence of this as it is their most emotional and their darkest to date.

Einar’s vocals are perhaps what augment the emotion on this album. On choruses of songs such as “The Price”, “Third Law” or “Triumphant”, Einar proves what he can do with his voice. Musical perfection is one thing; you can have the best well-written musical score and still sound boring. You need emotion and passion. Leprous managed to find a topic which enabled them to weave those emotional topics together with notes. That topic was becoming vegetarian (for Einar and Tor) and facing society all around you, questioning your motives. The album could be seen as a soundtrack to one’s confusion in today’s society; how can one do the right thing? Were the products we use on an everyday basis (including this laptop I’m typing this review on) made in a safe environment without any animals or humans suffering? Probably not and the answer is that whatever you do, you will always end up doing something wrong. Somehow. Maybe.

Without doubt, this is their best album to date. It picked up where Coal left off musically and made things even better. However, as the previous paragraph shows, there’s more to this album than just a continuation of the previous one. I’m very much looking forward to what they will do next but first, we can all check them out on stage on their first headlining tour in Europe.


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Leprous - The Congregation

Track list:
1. The Price
2. Third Law
3. Rewind
4. The Flood
5. Triumphant
6. Within My Fence
7. Red
8. Slave
9. Moon
10. Down
11. Lower

Leprous are:
Einar Solberg – Lead Vocal, Synth
Tor Oddmund Suhrke – Guitar
Øystein Landsverk – Guitar
Baard Kolstad – Drums

Leprous band 2015 2

More Leprous:
Official Website

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