Jungle Rot – Order Shall Prevail

I think this is the most visible Jungle Rot has been and rightly so; they reached the point in their career where they have truly established an identifiable sound.

Jungle Rot are death metal warriors whose tenacity is worthy of respect. This moniker has been through the grinder but has always refused capitulation. The band’s last two efforts, Kill on Command and Terror Regime, were quality offerings. Released through Victory Records, these albums have turned the tide for the band and Order Shall Prevail is going to put these guys over the top.

There are so many things about this release I like. I appreciate how the band kept the ‘trademark sound’ established in Kill on Command. This new release is really an extension of the last two albums but Order Shall Prevail has even more speed, vicious Dave Matrise growls and off the hook solos. Geoff Bub went crazy on this mutherfucker! The trippy solo work is awesome. It’s a welcome addition to the J-Rot sound and an enhancement that encourages continuous replay.

Those who are familiar with the band know Jungle Rot burns through drummers, but new blood Joey Muha was definitely ready when he hit the launch pad because he rockets through this album. I can’t wait to hear what this guy does in a live setting with songs like “Voice Your Disgust” or “Their Finest Hour”.

The solid bass work and lyrics of James Genenz make up the glue that holds this new thrill ride together. Quality lyrics are what make songs memorable, a skill that comes with age and experience – Jimmy has hit a solid stride on Order Shall Prevail with soon-to-be classic tracks Like “E.F.K. (Eat Fuck Kill)” and “I Cast The First Stone”.

I think this is the most visible Jungle Rot has been and rightly so; they reached the point in their career where they have truly established an identifiable sound. You can tell the difference between a Jungle Rot riff and a riff from Obituary or Suffocation, there’s a clear distinction and I love it! Highlight tracks for me are: “Doomsday”, “Paralyzed Prey”, “Fight Where You Stand” (featuring Max Cavalera of Soulfly), “Order Shall Prevail”, “I Cast The First Stone” and “E.F.K.”

The final test was to put this release to my famed ‘Intersection Test’, where I judge an album’s replay ability based solely on the record’s ability to irritate other drivers while caught in traffic. I am proud to say Order Shall Prevail pissed them all off! I felt like I had the road all to myself, they were all my “Paralyzed Prey”, shocked by songs like “E.F.K.” as I rolled through one intersection after another, feeling like I owned the fucking road. I did catch the eye of a couple truckers who casually threw me the horns and a hot babe in a convertible, who seemed to get a kick out of the J-Rot intimidation factor.

The time is now to get on board with Jungle Rot – summer and death metal are made for each other. There’s nothing better than a cold brew and a nasty riff on a hot summer’s day. What are you waiting for? Get out and pick up Order Shall Prevail today!

Jungle Rot - Order Shall Prevail

Track List:
1. Doomsday
2. Paralyzed Prey
3. Blood Revenge
4. Fight Where You Stand
5. Order Shall Prevail
6. The Dread Pestilence
7. I Cast the First Stone
8. E.F.K.
9. Trench Tactics
10. Nuclear Superiority

Jungle Rot are:
Dave Matrise – Vocals, Guitars
James Genenz – Guitars, Bass
Geoff Bub – Guitars
Joey Muha – Drums

Jungle Rot 2015

Jungle Rot online:

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