Feed Her To The Sharks Check In at Mayhem Festival in Illinois

I don’t understand why Americans won’t embrace Metalcore.

In the ‘80s we accepted the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal), then Glam ruled but was momentarily replaced by Thrash. Grunge sent Metal back to the underground where Death and Black Metal flourished. Mainstream metal eventually resurrected itself in the form of Industrial and Nu-metal which subsequently paved the way for today’s metal rendition: Metalcore.

So what’s the problem?

This is metal evolution, plain and simple. These aren’t sounds from another planet, we know exactly where this music came from.

Feed Her To The Sharks from Melbourne, Australia is a Metalcore act worthy of your eardrums. Why? Because their music is good. It’s as vicious as any shark attack and filled with enough blood lust to satisfy any extreme metal appetite. I recently had the opportunity to speak with members Rob (Robert Davies – Bass) and Chewy (Kim Choo – Guitar) of the band while the group was playing Mayhem Fest. Please enjoy some excerpts of my July 12th interview.

Feed her to the sharks 2015

Feed Her To The Sharks are:
Andrew Vanderzalm – Lead Vocals / Piano / Keys
Kim Choo – Guitar / Synth / FX
Rob Davies – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals
Marinos Katsanevas – Lead Guitar

Feed Her To The Sharks online:

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