Orange Goblin – Time Travelling Blues

It's clear from listening to modern bands of this ilk, that Orange Goblin have played a massive part in the modern scene and their influence is undeniable.

Orange Goblin are a band that is universally considered to be cool. But it was only until recently that they really broke through and got the recognition they deserve. They should have become megastars with Time Travelling Blues, an album that is considered a classic by today’s stoner, sludge, space and psychedelic communities.

This album is pure biker music. It’s easy to imagine yourself driving down a desert highway with this album blasting out in an army of bikers. The work of Tony Iommi, Pentagram and Kyuss is continued and is an undeniable influence on this release. What I love about this album is how chill it is, yet heavy at the same time. I’ve sat in my garden with a cider in hand listening to this album, shutting out life. It’s an album I have found myself singing the lyrics to some of the songs, it’s an infectious album. It’s a sign of a great album when it takes you on a journey; some sections are slow, others fast but ultimately it is a worthwhile trip that doesn’t feel rushed or too slow. The absolute Hulk that is Ben Ward dominates the album like the Hulk dominating the Chituari in the Avengers. Ward’s timeless vocals have also shone through again and later works cemented his position as one of the nicest and coolest vocalists of all time. Early fans, however, knew from the beginning that there was something special about him here.

It’s clear from listening to modern bands of this ilk, that Orange Goblin have played a massive part in the modern scene and their influence is undeniable. They have carried on Black Sabbath‘s mission of bringing the riff to the masses in style.

Favourite tracks: Blue Snow, Shine and Sober Up.

Orange Goblin time travelling

Track listing:
1. Blue Snow
2. Solarisphere
3. Shine
4. The Man Who Invented Time
5. Diesel
6. Snail Hook
7. Nuclear Guru
8. Lunarville 7, Airlock 3
9. Time Travelling Blues
10. Sober Up
11. Black Shapes of Doom (Trouble cover)

Ben Ward – Vocals
Pete O’Malley – Lead Guitar
Joe Hoare – Rhythm Guitar
Martyn Millard – Bass
Chris Turner – Drums

Orange Goblin Time Travelling Blues Line Up

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