SHATTERED SUN: “We Usually Vote, Wind up Yelling at Each Other, Doing All That Good Stuff until the Best Plan Just Prevails”

Time moves slowly in metal and relevancy is a term with an unusually long life span. If you really stop and think about it, heavy metal as we know it (NWOBHM) has only been around since 1980. That’s less than forty years, meaning many of metal’s original pioneers are still around!

Emulation is the truest form of flattery and we see that constantly in metal.  Style and sound become trends which are inhaled, imitated then regurgitated as the ‘next big thing’.

A group combining the best metal has to offer would undoubtedly be a juggernaut in the scene and Shattered Sun is definitely on their way, whether you appreciate their hybrid style of metal or not, it’s hard to not to respect what this band has accomplished in such a short time.  They are all fans of the music they deliver and grounded by the history of it.

I had the opportunity to speak with Shattered Sun, again, during Mayhem Fest. Unfortunately, the video we shot had poor audio so we were unable to use it.  Although, I met with the entire group, only the voice of front man Marcos Leal was discernible enough to properly transcript.


Please enjoy some excerpts of my 7/12/15 interview with Shattered Sun.

David Halbe: Welcome to Tinley Park, how has this current tour been?

Marcos Leal: It’s been fucking awesome man! It’s been warm but it’s been very fucking metal. The crowds have been killing it every day. It’s been a real honor to be here.

Dave: With so many members in Shattered Sun, can you give me some insight into how band decisions are made?

Marcos: We usually vote then, wind up yelling at each other (laughs), doing all that good stuff until clearly, the best plan just prevails.

Dave: So the loudest wins out?

Marcos: (Laughs) No man, usually our tour manager helps us make the final decision.

Dave: I saw a Facebook post about the horror tales of South Texas and Mexico, any chance any of those become a Shattered Sun song?

Marcos: Ahhhh, no. (Laughs) Probably not, those are just some stories my Grandmother use to tell me when I was younger, I don’t even know if any of them are real, I just think they are. (Laughs)

Dave: I know the band has an affinity for barbecues, how was Vinnie Paul’s barbecue?

Marcos: Good man, it was very good. Don’t get me wrong, they fed us really well on this tour but a real barbecue? One where you can see the smoke, smell it in the air. Hanging with the boys, eating great food.

Dave: I heard he had different sauces and stuff?

Marcos: Oh yeah, he even had a crawfish broil. We all thanked him that night for putting it all together, just a great time.

Dave: Sounds awesome, so what’s up next for the band?

Marcos: We’re gonna take a little bit of time off, then we’re gonna head out with Soulfly, Soilwork, and Decapitated for the ‘Sold Our Souls to Metal’ tour. So, make sure you come out and check us out.

Dave: So, it’s gonna be a full blown North American tour then?

Marcos: Yes!

Dave: Hell yeah, looking forward to that! There you have it MetalRecusants and Shattered Sun!

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