Dead Lord – Heads Held High

Simple, stripped back yet infectious rock 'n’ roll that exudes passion with every note played.

Sweden has done very well at playing the nostalgia game with a variety of genres and, with Graveyard, Horisont and Witchcraft, has become a major exporter of classic rock with all three bands belonging to major record labels. In the process, many other bands seem to get left behind amongst the hype despite releasing stellar material. 2015 should see a paradigm shift in this, as Dead Lord get ready to release their second album, Heads Held High, on the 21st of this month.

Their first release for Century Media, Heads Held High sees the band improving on the groundwork laid out in their debut album and it is what sets them apart from the pack: simple, stripped-back yet infectious rock n’ roll that exudes passion with every note played. Dead Lord seem to understand that, at times, less does in fact mean more and they use this to their full advantage given that they recorded the album live in the studio which, in my humble opinion, is how this music should be immortalised. It captures the very essence of that all-important ‘70s rocking vibe in all its glory, adding a breath of fresh air to a style saturated with bands ripping on the aforementioned trio of Swedish bands. Think more along the lines of Thin Lizzy and you’ll be halfway there.

Heads Held High comes complete with ever-simple, stripped-back yet infectious rock ‘n’ roll that exudes passion with every note played. Everything you’d expect from a solid rock album: from uptempo guitar work as seen in Ruins to slower, more soulful numbers like “Cold Hearted Madness” and “The Bold Move”, which features an exceptionally impassioned performance by front man Hakim Krim. The vocals are emphatically the standout ingredient that Dead Lord bring to the table – not once are they weak, forced or flat; throughout the record they’re delivered with an intense emotion that is seldom heard in music today. This energy is radiated by the entire band and you can most certainly feel it in “When History Repeats Itself” and the harmonious “No Regrets” (the most exceptional pieces on the album).

What the album may lack in heaviness or speed it makes up for in style, richness and feeling. Drummer Adam Lindmark knows how to keep a catchy beat to keep the listener hooked and their feet tapping, complementing the stripped-back riffs, licks and leads by Krim and Olle Hedenström. Their combined attack is simple yet ultimately effective in creating a rich, near authentic sound. There are no frills here, just heartfelt, honest classic rock. That is the way we like it.

Dead Lord - Heads Held High

Track list:
1. Farewell
2. Ruins
3. Mindless
4. No Regrets
5. Cold Hearted Madness
6. Strained Fools
7. When History Repeats Itself
8. The Bold Move
9. Don’t Give A Damn
10. With Heads Held High

Dead Lord are:
Hakim Krim – Guitar and vocals
Olle Hedenström – Guitar
Martin Nordin – Bass
Adam Lindmark – Drums

Dead Lord 2015

Dead Lord online:

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