SWORN IN: “Emotion Is What Really Drives Our Music and Whatever Message We Are Trying to Say.”

Emotion has always been a driving force within music. Extreme music has always been a preferred method for channeling personal feelings but I had never heard before of a band trying to project the raw, physical energy of emotion into musical form until I heard the sound of  Sworn In.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Sworn In guitarist Eugene Kamlyuk about music and emotion, nursery rhymes and what’s up next for the band.

Please enjoy some excerpts of my 7/12/15 interview with Sworn In.

Sworn In by Jonathan Weiner

Sworn In. Picture by Jonathan Weiner.

David Halbe: Welcome home! How has the current tour been so far?

Eugene Kamlyuk: So far it’s been great man, every show has been wilder than I could have expected. We haven’t really done a festival style tour like this before so it’s been all new and all cool.

Dave: Would you say the projection of emotion was the biggest driving force within your music?

Eugene: In our music, yes totally. Emotion is what really drives our music and whatever message we are trying to say.

Dave:  What’s the thought process behind using children’s rhymes in your song titles?

Eugene: Well, children’s rhymes are there to get stuck in your head. Essentially, in songs like “Sunshine”, the apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree. It essentially follows the original nursery rhyme.

Dave: I get it. You’re using emotion to play off that original comfort, same thing with “Oliolioninfree” and “Pocket full of Posies”?

Eugene: Yes.

Dave: Your last two efforts: The Death Card and The Lovers/The Devil are both conceptual in design, is that the forte of Sworn In?

Eugene:  I don’t know if it’s the forte but it’s definitely something we really like. We enjoy listening to conceptual albums so we want to give our audience a bit of what we like.

Dave: You recently released a video for the song “Scissors” what can you tell me about that experience?

Eugene: That was a pretty cool experience. We actually shot two videos in one day. One has been released; the other is still in our back pocket.

Dave: What song is the other video for?

Eugene: It’s a video for one of the songs off the new album. (Laughs) Sorry, I can’t tell you at this time.

Dave: That’ cool, so what’s up next for the band after Mayhem Fest?

Eugene: We have a couple of things lined up for the fall and some ideas for the beginning of next year too but it’s still a secret, all in the planning stages, to be announced at a later date. The 2nd CD is out so I suspect we will eventually be working on a third sometime in the future as well.

Dave: Awesome! There you have it, MetalRecusants and Sworn In!

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