SISTER SIN: “Trends Come and Go But Classic Metal Will Always Stay”

One group I found refreshing at Mayhem Fest was Sister Sin because the band plays a classic style of heavy metal. There was a time when metal wasn’t just about murder, death and revenge. The power cords we all universally love are also the basis of many uplifting party anthems. Unfortunately, that style of metal is a rarity today and I believe we need to get it back. You can only be extreme for so long and metal is in danger of being mislabeled as brutality.

An uplifting, fist-pumping anthem is what metal needs to break back into the American mainstream and Sister Sin might be the band to do it.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Andreas Strandh and Liv Jagrell of Sister Sin.

We discussed the origins of the band’s name, making music videos and playing heavy metal. Please enjoy some excerpts of my July 12th Interview…

Sisten Sin

David Halbe: Welcome to Tinley Park. How has this current tour been so far?

Liv Jagrell: Very good.

Andreas Strandth: Very cool, one of the best North American tours we’ve been on so far.

Dave: So definitely meeting your expectations?

Both: Yes, definitely.

Dave: Is it important to have a strong following in North America?

Andreas: Of course.

Liv: I think, it’s important to have a strong following everywhere.

Dave: I agree. What are the origins of the Sister Sin name?

Liv: It actually comes from a song title of a Swedish band from the early ‘90s.

(**Andreas may have actually said the band’s name but I was unable to transcribe it!)

Dave: No kidding? So you liked the song title and decided to use it?

Liv: Yes.

Dave: The band has a couple videos out for the songs “Chaos Royale” and “Desert Queen”. What can you tell me about those experiences?

Liv: Videos can sometimes be an unpleasant experience but it’s always nice when you see the final results. When you shoot a video, the days are long and it requires a tremendous amount of focus. I like doing it but it can be difficult at times trying to stay focused for so many hours.

Andreas: The guys we worked with to shoot the video were really awesome, what was their name?

Liv: 11 Frames Production.

Andreas: Yes! They were really good.

Dave: The “Desert Queen” video, you just shot that one recently?

Liv: It was a couple of months ago now.

Andreas: Yes! But it’s our newest video! So check it out!

Liv: (Laughs) Please.

Dave: With metal so specialized today, how does a classic metal group like Sister Sin find a fan base?

Liv: I think that trends come and go but classic metal will always stay.

Dave: I agree, there’s always room for the originator.

Andreas: That’s right but you should always do your own thing, fuck everybody else!

Dave: Hell yeah! So what’s up next for the band after Mayhem fest?

Liv: We have a couple of shows and festivals to do in Europe then we will regroup and be out again sometime soon.

Dave: With five albums under your belt, is it possible that Sister Sin returns to the US as a headliner?

Liv: Yes but that will probably be after our next album.

Dave: Thanks for your time today! MetalRecusants and Sister Sin!

Sister Sin are:
Dave Sundberg – Drums
Jimmy Hiltula – Guitars
Liv Jagrell – Vocals
Andreas Strandh – Bass

Sister Sin online:

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  1. “Desert Queen” not Desert Moon, all else here is spot on. Nice Article.

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