36 Crazyfists – Time and Trauma

After returning from five years in the tundra, it is clear that 36 Crazyfists are back and mean business.

In February 36 Crazyfists released their first album in 5 years and their debut on Spinefarm RecordsTime and Trauma. Brock Lindow and the boys have released a fine slab of metalcore that is essential for fans of the genre. However, the album is not mired in metalcore and moves into a more alternative metal zone. Slightly toning down the aggression in favour of creating a whirlwind of pain and atmosphere.

Sometimes a band’s music reflects their surroundings; for example, Kyuss’ riffs were dry to their desert surrondings. 36 Crazyfists’ music feels dark and cold not just because of the lyrical content, but because of their native Alaskan landscapes. 36 Crazyfists sixth album is an honest and emotional offering with front man Brock Lindow pouring his heart out on the record. The record is about his late mother who tragically lost her battle with cancer a few years ago. The lyric “I loved loving you was the last thing she said” on ‘11.24.11,’ is a particular stand out.

Time and Trauma is a very personal album but we also can relate to the album as there is something everyone can take from the lyrical content. Musically, the album is fine, with some wonderful melodies and riffs amid the breakdowns. For their 6th opus it is clear that 36 Crazyfists spread their creative wings, picking up a Deftones vibe along the way which has seriously enhanced their sound. The band have saved the best ’till last with ‘Marrow’, a dark brooding masterpiece which has Thera‘s Stephanie Plate on guest vocals. ‘Marrow’ is one of the best songs the band has ever written and it is one that will inevitably be listened to time after time. After returning from five years in the tundra, it is clear that 36 Crazyfists are back and mean business.

Anchorage, Alaska’s favourite sons have released some of the finest work of their career. It’s not going to change the rulebook or top album charts but it is a great comeback a for the band and one that is essential for fans of the band.

Best Tracks: ‘Vanish,’ ‘Also Am I,’ ‘Silencer’ ‘Marrow.’

36 CrazyFists - Time and Trauma

Track listing:
1. Vanish
2. 11.24.11
3. Sorrow Sings
4. Lightless
5. Time And Traum
6. Also Am I
7. Translator
8. Silencer
9. Slivers
10. Swing The Noose
11. Gathering Bones (feat Kelly Acone)
12. Marrow (feat Stephanie Plate)

Brock Lindow – Vocals
Steve Holt – Guitar
Mick Whitney – Bass
Kyle Baltus – Drums

36 Crazyfists Band Pic 1

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