The Picturebooks @Boston Music Room, London – 9th October 2015

There is something special about this band. When they perform they emanate passion. It is a raw kind of passion, stripped down and truly from the heart.

Whether it is music, movies, or just life in general, widening your horizons and trying something new is always healthy to do from time to time. In music, it is the task of every journalist but also every music fan. We should once in a while go for something new, something less established. Go out of your comfort zone and from time to time go to a gig of a band which you haven’t seen or even heard of before. Go to a venue you haven’t been to before. You will be surprised how many awesome new artists or venues you will find.

I discovered The Picturebooks only about a week and a half before their gig at the Boston Music Room in London on 9th October. I went for it regardless of the fact that there were two other events which I could have attended (Taake and Ufomammut). Do I regret going to see the German duo?  Not even a bit. It was probably one of the best shows I had seen this year so far.

The Picturebooks Europe tour 2015

There is something special about this band. When they perform they emanate passion. It is a raw kind of passion, stripped down and truly from the heart. Talking to the band members, Fynn Claus Grabke and Philipp Mirtschink, they explained to me that they have been best friends for ages and they truly love what they are doing. The guitarist, Fynn, said that they “wake up every morning and high five each other” because they are so happy to be here out on the road and performing their music. This close relationship definitely aids the band in composing and performing honest music; it is not only reflected in their studio albums but more so in their performance on stage.

When I was watching the band perform songs from their latest album Imaginary Horse (which they consider as their debut album because of the change in musical direction and line-up) reminded me that there is still such a thing as love for what you are doing. The rawness of their sound only adds to it and it was a wise decision of theirs to remove all cymbals from the drum set – all you hear from Philipp on the drums is this thunderous pounding resonating across the venue. Philipp’s drum beats are the foundations of The Picturebooks’ new sound; those beats demonstrate that hard rock can be better when it is stripped down, when it is raw and purely from the heart.

The Picturebooks are currently on tour in Europe until December but that is not stopping them from creating new material for the next album. Catch them when they come to a town near you, you will not regret it.

The Picturebooks on tour:
Oct 13 Cassiopeia Berlin, Germany
Oct 14 LUX Hannover, Germany
Oct 15 Stengade Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 16 Geronimo’s FGT Stockholm, Sweden
Oct 17 Sticky Fingers Goteborg, Sweden
Oct 18 Crossroads Club Oslo, Norway
Oct 20 Blue Shell Koln, Germany
Oct 21 Die Weberei Gütersloh, Germany
Oct 22 Nachtleben Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Oct 23 Garage Saarbrucken, Germany
Oct 24 GARAGE deluxe Munich, Germany
Oct 26 B 72 Bezirk Ottakring, Austria
Oct 27 Spielboden Dornbirn, Austria
Oct 28 Hafenkneipe Zurich, Switzerland
Oct 29 Café Mokka Thun, Switzerland
Oct 30 Bikini Test La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland
Oct 31 Veka Glarus, Switzerland
Nov 03 AB Club Brussels, Belgium
Nov 04 La Peniche Lille, France
Nov 05 W2 Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Nov 06 Bollwerk 107 Moers, Germany
Nov 07 Strudelfest Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Nov 13 Fuel Rock Club Cardiff, United Kingdom
Nov 14 Hard Rock Hell Wales, United Kingdom
Nov 17 Cross Club Prague, Czech Republic
Nov 18 K2 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
Nov 19 Weekender Club Innsbruck, Austria
Nov 22 Black Sheep Montpellier, France
Nov 24 RockSound Barcelona, Spain
Nov 25 Wurlitzer Madrid, Spain
Nov 26 MungiRock Mungia, Spain
Nov 27 Cave 45 Porto, Portugal
Nov 28 Sabotage Club Lisbon, Portugal
Dec 03 Rude Boy Bielsko Biała, Poland
Dec 04 Katofonia Katowice, Poland
Dec 05 Moto Mlyn Stęszew, Poland
Dec 06 Alligator Poznan, Poland

More The Picturebooks:
Official Website

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