Sloath / Telepathy / William English @ The Black Heart, London (UK) – 11th September 2015

Not speaking to the crowd, Sloath let the music do the talking, and it spoke distorted volumes!

On the afternoon of September 11th, British rock juggernaut Muse announced a show at the 800 capacity Electric Ballroom, for the same day. As hundreds of fans queued outside for tickets, I was going to a different gig in Camden. I was heading to the depths of Camden to The Black Heart to watch some of the country’s finest underground bands.

Sloath, Telepathy and William English - Camden

Even though they only played with one guitarist instead of two, William English had all the fire-power they usually have as a five piece. Like the troopers they are, they sludged away with all the ferocity and power they normally had; their music not suffering despite being a man down. Their Iron Monkey worship clearly invoked a positive response from the audience who nodded in approval, especially during the set closer ‘Bud Vessel.’ It was just a shame that the venue wasn’t as full as it should have been.

Up next were a band that I adore, the wonderful Telepathy. New bassist Teddy-James Driscoll has settled into the band nicely as they went about business as usual – owning every stage they can get their hands on. It was my fifth time seeing Telepathy and like a fine wine they keep getting better. ‘Cystine Knot’ has not lost its edge while the new material sounded just as promising as it did in Colchester two weeks prior. The performance was a reminder to how loved the band are in the underground; as soon as the first notes hit, everyone ran forward to embrace the power of their riffs. Simply astonishing, this band should be much bigger.

Seeped in fog and mystery, Sloath took to the stage as their riff assault smashed the audience. The audience was caught in a trance as the band hammered out their expertly-woven music into Camden. The people downstairs were missing out on real magic as the riff wizardry commenced. Not speaking to the crowd, the band let the music do the talking, and it spoke distorted volumes! Apart from their set ending rather suddenly, Sloath conquered Camden and all who were there to witness it agreed.

Once again I had a wonderful night (for the absolute steal of £5) surrounded by good company watching underground music. However, I was rather annoyed that the venue was only half empty. There are so many great bands out there in the underground waiting to be discovered; so instead of sitting behind your computer complaining about how music was better in the past, go to a local show and buy a shirt.

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