Furia – Nocel [The Blind Review]

Amidst the stigmatism and fellatio of the nuts-and-bolts metal review, our bearded renegade Mike Orvis sets about to review releases based solely on the music. With only the track names and his ears to go on, Mike gives you Metal Recusants’ THE BLIND REVIEW.

So, it’s Autumn. The green lustrous foliage is beginning its decline into brown dryness and eventually dust as the harsh cold of winter wraps its icy tendrils around everything. This means several things: Pumpkin Spice fucking everything, Nightmare Before Fucking Christmas on fucking repeat, and a return of my fucking S.A.D. Don’t judge me, shit’s dark and it makes my eyes leak. It also means it’s as better a time as any to break out the black, doom and generally darker sounds from your musical closet and sit in your basement brooding. And hoo boy do Furia fit that bill.

I can only imagine that when crafting this enigmatic and apocalyptic release, whatever part of (I assume to be) eastern Europe felt seismic disturbance, or at least sightings of some kind of hell-beast. Marching in to the foray with opener “Opętaniec”, Furia quickly take us off the beaten path. The vocals, although off-puttingly reverbed have a passion that is lacking in a lot of modern black metal releases. Although the track feels almost split entirely down the middle musically, it does create a great segway into “Ptaki Idą” . With much better pacing, this track gives us a succinct glimpse into the Wintersun-esque atmosphere, with a stripped-back production that doesn’t sound like it was mixed by a dying man in a horses anal cavity – always a bonus. The guitar work is superb, and bolsters the track throughout with a melancholy akin to Amon Amarth‘s slower work.

Nocel is a release that gets better with age, like whisky or your mum, but not for what you would traditionally call Black Metal reasons. By far the most BM track is “Zamawianie drugieWhich gallops around and with an ominous drone backing. The Gregorian chant put through a flange is eery and does exactly what it set pout to do – unsettle the listener. The drums aren’t particularly fancy but they lay a foundation for the whole affair.  Having said this the unendingly fast “Beze mnieis also a strong contender due to its breakneck speed and Riff Soup methodology.

It’s at after the first third that shit gets weird in the best possible way. “Niezwykła nieludzka nieprzyzwoitośćis a 13 minute long monster of a track . It gives the listener an unrelenting sense of doom that is encompassing sonically and leads the mind to introspection. One pictures dead trees and dried up river beds while the guitar and bass drone in a way that defies time-this track is simultaneously over and barely started before you know it. This desolation only continues into “Nigdy i nigdzie”  – the most emotionally provocative piece with haunting guitar and pain-tinged vocals. This, in addition to the overwhelming synth work mean for a powerful and gut-wrenching performance I’d love to see live.

The best “left turn” of the whole album belongs to “My bełkoczą”, which boasts a King Crimson style Jazz break that progresses over ten minutes into an Opeth Riff-And-Repeat build up that is crushingly beautiful and brutal in equal measure. The tremello ending is bigger than a whale’s cock, luckily we are treated to some respite in final track Ogromna noc”, which acts as a reprise for the whole album, taking the listener through some of the themes and leitmotifs they’ve experienced throughout the last 40 or so minutes. The blistering end is perfect in not only capturing the atmosphere, but the ferocity of Furia‘s nature as displayed previously.

The reveal

This was one band I rushed to find out about after hearing this album. Although I’ve compared them to a few bands, their sound is completely unique and I highly recommend any of their releases. The guys look exactly as they sound, and the vinyl releases look great. Seriously do yourself a favour and check them out.


Track listing:
1. Opętaniec
2. Ptaki Idą
3. Zamawianie Drugie
4. Niezwykła Nieludzka Nieprzyzwoitość
5. Nigdy i Nigdzie
6. My Bełkoczą
7. Beze Mnie
8. Ogromna Noc

Furia are:
Nihil – Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
A – Guitars
Sars – Bass
Namtar – Drums

Furia 2014

More Furia:
Official Website
Pagan Records

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