The King Is Blind – Our Father

All their respective careers, histories and lives had lead to this moment in time where the end result is something truly remarkable.

Sometimes when you listen to an album by a band, you get the feeling that this is the album they were born to make. All their respective careers, histories and lives had lead to this moment in time where the end result is something truly remarkable; Our Father is one of those albums. The journey that had begun with their demo Bleeding The Ascensionprogressed with The Deficiencies of Man has truly taken off with the simply outstanding Our Father. The King is Blind have made the album they were born to make.

One of the most interesting aspects of this album is its story. It tells the story of the fall and rise of Satan; with the realisation that mankind’s influence stems not from God, but Satan. He ultimately is Our Father as we are fundamentally flawed due to our nature to sin. The songs on the album work extremely well as a concept and it is intelligently crafted songwriting. I haven’t felt this inspired to research the lyrics for a long time. It is important to note that the songs also work well as stand-alone pieces, but in a row they tell an epic yet woeful tale of greed, jealously and tragedy.

From the opening mosh pit igniter ‘Genesis Refracted’, it is clear that the listener is in for a treat. It is a ferocious beast that has ran out the gate, bolted down the street and set it on fire in the process. Without wasting a second ‘Fragility Becomes Wrath’ rears its head and carries on the attack, with blastbeats galore and Steve Tovey‘s snarl dominating the song. Our Father is an unrelenting album, it doesn’t stop for a breather for its 49 minute rundown, merely pauses before unleashing another onslaught. This is best shown on the re-working of ‘Mors Somnis’ from Bleeding The Ascension. The song has been reworked to fit in with the grander scale of the album; by adding a few extra ingredients the song has been given an extra kick and, thus, becoming the album’s highlight.

Our Father is not a straightforward album in any sense, there are many different influences on display. Black, death, doom and sludge are all in the mix, while many new elements have been added to the cauldron. ‘Bloodlet Ascension’, has massive groove-influenced hooks. ‘Mourning Light’ contrasts it by opening with some My Dying Bride melancholic yet melodic guitar work, before plodding along at the pace of a herd of mammoths marching to hell.

Like a demented journey into the abyss the album takes many twists and turns, you never know where it’s going to end up next. ‘Amen’ is a two minute death metal blast while ‘Devoured’ contains some ferocious black metal-inspired fret work from Lee Appleton and Paul Alan Ryan-Reader. The album contains some fantastic guest work from Natalia Francesca (from Lips) as Eve and the great Christopher Naughton of Winterfylleth as John Milton and the reborn Satan. The decision of Steve Tovey to drop the bass to focus purely on vocals was a wise one. With new focus, the venom can flow freely, producing his best work yet for the band. New addition, Ceri Monger on bass, is a fine replacement who fits into Tovey’s shoes perfectly; it was like he was there from the beginning. His brother, Barney Monger, is his usual powerful self on the drums, an absolute monster showcasing his vast talents.

If all albums released in 2016 are as good as this one, then it’s going to be a good year for heavy metal. With their first album, The King is Blind have achieved what they set out to do and made an album of monolithic proportions. But now the question is, what are they going to do next?

Best Tracks: Genesis Refracted, Mors Somnis and …For All The Daemons Are Here

Vocalist Steve Tovey spoke to us about the album, you can read it here.

The King Is Blind - Our Father

Track list:
1. Genesis Refracted
2. Fragility Becomes Wrath
3. Mors Somnis
4. Bloodlet Ascension
5. Mourning Light
6. Amen
7. …For All The Daemons Are Here
8. Venin
9. Devoured
10. Mesmeric Furnace

The King Is Blind are:
Lee James Appleton – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Stephen John Tovey – Pharynx & Larynx
Paul Alan Ryan-Reader – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Barnaby Joseph Monger – Drums
Ceri Monger – Bass

The King Is Blind Promo - Our Father

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