As much as I would like to make myself think losing That Metal Show was a setback for music, I just can’t do it. Who gives a shit if VH1 decides to dump metal?

That Metal Show has been canceled and as a fan of music I cannot say I am surprised. I will admit, I watched the show because it was on television and featured heavy metal but the overall content was absurdly out of place. The ‘80s are over and as much as we might like to jump into the ‘hot tub’ time machine we must now embrace the new wave of artists who are trying to follow in the footsteps of those we once coveted.

Thath Metal Show cancelled

That Metal Show’s narrow-minded view of music was doomed from the start. Few fans care what ‘old school’ bands are releasing today simply because ‘the scene’ has eclipsed them. Aside from seeing what time has done to these artists, I find little value in programming which never took the time to concentrate on what is happening now. Nostalgia has a place in metal but not as the prime source of content. As much as we would like to believe ‘80s bands are still relevant, their time in the spotlight is waning, why not use the platform to introduce your followers to ‘the new wave of metal’? The next Dave Mustaine, Ronnie James Dio or Lemmy Kilmister might be developing in our midst. These new bands deserve an audience. I believe That Metal Show missed a grand opportunity to pass the torch.

Metalheads understand the evolution of their music, they can name the various subgenres and are aware of trends and rebirth. More often than not it seemed the overall scope of That Metal Show was scratching the bottom of the barrel instead of opting for the surface. I honestly do not care what those guys think the best album of all time is, nor do I think it is fascinating that Eddie Trunk can recall production notes.

As much as I would like to make myself think losing That Metal Show was a setback for music, I just can’t do it. Who gives a shit if VH1 decides to dump metal? They never took it seriously anyway, playing the same old videos again and again, neglecting new material from the artists they do play and ignoring the new wave of metal looking for a larger platform.

Perhaps That Metal Show will find a new home and they will embrace the next generation of metal, a revamped program featuring current bands while still embracing the past. I believe it can be done and I can only hope it happens. Until that time, metal must crawl back under its rock, healing its wounds, growing in strength until it rears its ugly head once again! \m/

David Halbe
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  1. Death Metal and Black Metal are forms of Music – That Metal Show ignored whole genres !!! \m/

  2. Let’s see, it was on VH1 CLASSIC, be sure to absorb that word and it’s meaning “classic”. Hmmm… and they didn’t feature enough “new” bands for you. Maybe it’s because they focused on, get this, CLASSIC bands. Let me guess, you would have only been happy if it were called “That Classic Metal Show”. It was an enjoyable show. I loved it. I care that it’s canceled, because a loss for metal based media, whether it’s classic or new, and regardless of subgenre, is a loss for all metal. I guarantee you it will not be replaced by any another show focusing on ANY kind of metal. It will be a slot filled by some kind of pop garbage. And I think we can agree that metal, classic or new, is better than pop!

  3. Grumpy Old Man // July 20, 2016 at 6:48 pm // Reply

    That’s very bad news it was cancelled.
    There is not any shows on cable or satellite that have musician guests in an informal setting where they can have fun. Great guest musicians before the breaks was an added treat. The show informed people of where today’s influences came from and what the influencing artist is doing today with a little look into what that musician is like off the stage. Thoroughly enjoyed all the shows!

  4. Who cares? I freaking care and so do million of other METAL HEADS!!
    Truck and the guests were the best!!!! End of an era….so sad!
    We support you! Find another network because you can!

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