Atomçk, Cassus, Lebrique, Unyielding Love and Knifedoutofexistence @ The Waiting Room, Colchester (UK) – 28th November 2015

Lebrique was something special, band of the evening by far.

All good things must come to an end and so the final year gig of the year from the wonderful Shallow Leisure rolled into view. Despite having a very abrasive line-up, there was still a strong turn out, once again showing the strength of Colchester’s scene.


Opening up was the harsh and abrasive noise of Knifedoutofexistence, whose music sounded like someone being knifed out of existence. Harsh noise music isn’t my thing by a long shot, but I was impressed by how dark and disturbing his set was, the audience’s eardrums were tortured by the grotesque sounds blasting out the speakings. Mission complete for Knifedoutofexistence.

Up next performing with Knifedoutofexistence, was Belfast’s Unyielding Love, whose collaboration was extremely intriguing. It was a full-on audio assault combining the harsher elements of punk and noise. At one point their set involved a cymbal being drilled into by an actual drill! As the sparks flew and many onlookers were clearly confused, I knew I was watching something unique. The set was an unrelenting attack, a mix of noise and hardcore punk that left everyone gobsmacked.

The week prior to the gig I was meant to be watching Deftones at Wembley, however due to the tragic events that took place in Paris that gig had been postponed to June. But watching Lebrique partially filled the Deftones-sized void. Their music sounded like an offspring of Will Haven and Deftones; it produced something amazing. I couldn’t believe I was watching their first gig, they were incredibly tight and performed like seasoned pros. If this band can get their name out, they have the potential to become a force to be reckoned with. ‘Pale light’ from their excellent debut Grey River Lament was a particular highlight. This is something special, band of the evening by far. We might have found Britain’s answer to Deftones.

Up next was the screamo band Cassus from Norwich who put on a spellbinding show. There was a lot of emotional intensity in their set which made it all the better. They poured their hearts out on stage as they delivered riff after riff. They were incredible tight yet organic at the same time, a well-oiled machine with heart. I hope their popularity grows as they really deserve it. Expect Cassus to come to a town near you.

Unfortunately, because the gig overrun by 30 minutes due to a technical error beyond all parties’ control, I had to miss Atomçk’s set. My friends who were there told me I missed an excellent set; they were heavy, brutal and vile like any good grindcore band should be.

Colchester once again has showed it’s might, long live the scene!

Unyielding Love
Shallow Leisure

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