All Pigs Must Die – God Is War

Like being punched in the face by barbed wire for 32 minutes, this album will leave you bloodied and bruised but grinning throughout.

A supergroup made up of members of Converge, The Hope Conspiracy and Bloodhorse. All Pigs Must Die have been making a name for themselves across the world and have developed a well-deserved, dedicated following. Seeing them announced for the 2016 addition of Temples Festival gave me the kick I needed to finally check them out, so I sat down and gave 2011’s God Is War a spin.

To put it in simple terms, God Is War is a stunning album. This was of course to be expected as the band have all honed their craft in other successful and respected outfits, so when they came together it was natural the album was going to be amazing. While elements of the band’s respective histories all come into play, All Pigs Must Die add all these together with a few new ingredients to create something exciting. Kevin Baker’s vocal performance on the album is hard hitting, the aggression and malice in his vocals is incredibly admirable. Lyrically as well the band pack a punch; Baker spits on ‘Third World Genocide’: “Superstitions have claimed you all. Know that war is the will of god“. Religion is the target of the album and APMD often hit the nail on the head with their attacks. The images of destruction the band conjure are ironically nothing sort of biblical proportions, fitting with the music. But it’s not all a relentless attack, there are some ‘calmer’ moments on the album. The guitar work on ‘Extinction is Ours’ contains some juicy black metal elements while final track ‘Sadistic Vindicator’, oozes with a sludge influence. If you’ve not listened to this band before, I urge you to listen to God Is War asap.

Like being punched in the face by barbed wire for 32 minutes, this album will leave you bloodied and bruised but grinning throughout.

Best Tracks: Death Dealer, Sacrosanct and God Is War

All pigs must die God is war

Track List:
1. Death Dealer
2. Pulverization
3. Sacrosanct
4. God Is War
5. The Blessed Void
6. Third World Genocide
7. Extinction Is Ours
8. Sadistic Vindicator

All Pigs Must Die are:
Kevin Baker – Vocals
Ben Koller – Drums
Adam Wentworth – Guitar
Matt Woods – Bass

All Pigs must die band

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