Alex Lee of HOLY GRAIL: “It’s Not the Same Thrill Seeing a Band Live Nowadays”

Although all talent is worthy of recognition, a real artist isn’t afraid to show his wares or share his tricks. He knows that true admiration comes from those who have stepped in his shoes. They alone can comprehend the hours of work that have made such skills appear easy.

Holy Grail is riding the void straight to the top. Featuring a sound and a style that incorporates everything good about metal, they have gained acceptance in multiple genres by touring with those they admire.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with guitarist Alex Lee.  Please enjoy some excerpts of our March 5th, 2016 interview:


Holy Grail Alex Lee 2016

Alex Lee. Picture courtesy of BraveWords.

David Halbe: Welcome to Chicago, (You are 10 dates into a 26 date tour) how has it been so far?

Alex Lee: So far it’s been pretty good. Some of the guys ended up getting sick with the flu once we reached the east coast. It had been hitting us all slowly but I think everyone is fully recovered now.

Dave: I’m glad everyone’s feeling better. How’s the new album (The Times of Pride and Peril) been received?

Alex: So far actually really good. We haven’t seen any negative reviews and the fans seem to really like the new material.

Dave: That’s great! You just played Berserker III Fest in Michigan (March 4th) how was that?

Alex: It was really interesting, that whole place was just a tall intimidating structure.

Dave: Isn’t it a masonic temple or something?

Alex: Yeah, I think so. I was really glad we didn’t have to load our gear up to the fifth floor on stairs, we were able to load through an elevator so that was pretty cool. We got to play in a huge ballroom. All in all it was good fun.

Dave: What’s the thought process behind your “Shred Talk” featurette, how often are new episodes released?

Alex: It comes out every Thursday. I’ve got this challenge with myself to show something in five minutes or less, a little practice guitar work or maybe a small part of a Holy Grail song. I wanted to do this because growing up I never really had a lot of guidance for guitar.

Dave: So you taught yourself?

Alex: Yeah, pretty much. Unless I found an old-school ‘80s instructional video like Paul Gilbert or something that’s all I had because YouTube wasn’t really around at the time. So, it’s my way of helping the younger guitarists, achieve a better technique or improve their guitar playing skills in general.  

Dave: That’s very admirable. Is Duncan going to produce yo-yos again for the new album? (Crisis in Utopia & Ride the Void yo-yos are available – check it out here 

Alex: You know, we are actually talking with them about that now. I think it might be a butterfly shaped yo-yo.

Dave: That’s cool, so definitely a maybe?

Alex: Definitely a maybe.

Dave:  How was the “Sudden Death” video shoot and can we expect more video support for The Times of Pride and Peril?

Alex: We’re working on some more video ideas right now. The “Sudden Death” video was pretty straight forward. We worked with one camera guy and he did a bunch of takes from different angles, different shots and we pretty much nailed it down in less than a day. It was a simple shoot.

Dave: Do you think mystique is something that is lacking in today’s metal scene?

Alex: I do think it matters but at the same time with the Internet and everything it really doesn’t because, you know, it’s not really the same thrill seeing a band live nowadays because you can see them online.

Dave: I know what you mean. The excitement today is actually being there. Thank for your time tonight Alex!

Alex: No problem! Thank you.

Holy Grail band 2016

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