Monster Truck @ 100 Club, London (UK) – 5th April 2016

Monster Truck are a live band, their place is on the road, they live off it and this show was a testament to that.

Tonight’s concert took place at the legendary music venue, 100 Club, which was first established in 1942 as the Feldman Swing Club. It is situated in a bit of an unusual place amidst shopping complexes on London’s world-famous Oxford Street. It is a “hole in the wall” with a capacity of 350 people which makes it super intimate. A small venue but the perfect one for hard rockers Monster Truck to close off their “intimate” European tour before they return for the festival season (Download Festival in UK).

Monster Truck live Europe April 2016

Buffalo Summer from Neath/Swansea (Wales) were the ones who were given the task of opening the show and warming up the crowd. Claiming to be a part of the “New Wave of British Classic Rock”, the band performed groovy rock ‘n’ roll tracks from their debut as well as two unreleased songs – one of which will be playlisted by Planet Rock Radio. It was “Down to the River” though which went down best with the crowd and made people singalong and dance to. Their performance was much more enjoyable than what I have heard of them online and they got better with every track.

When Rainbow’s “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” played from the venue’s PA system and people were shouting out the lyrics, you knew everyone was having a damn good time. Soon after the lights went off and Monster Truck went on stage and started off with “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” from the latest album, Sittin’ Heavy (Mascot Records). Then we got treated to more new stuff such as the powerful “Why Are You Not Rocking?” and “For the People”. The crowd loved it and already knew all the words; horns, fists and beers were being raised throughout the show. In addition to the new tracks we were also treated to songs off their debut album, Furiosity (Dine Alone Records, 2013) such as “Old Train”, which has an awesome sing-a-long chorus, and the groovy “Sweet Mountain River”. Even though the stage was small, the guitarist, Jeremy Widerman, run and jumped around like a maniac – he was clearly having a good time there and his energy was passed on to the audience.

Perhaps that’s what is so awesome about this band – they are all super energetic and passionate and their honest rock ‘n’ roll is reflected in both their live performances and recorded music. You can tell it’s coming from the heart; there is no doubt about that. Monster Truck are a live band, their place is on the road, they live off it and this show was a testament to that. Their energy, passion and hunger to play gigs are elements which will determine their longevity. I can see a lot more coming from these guys in the future.

Check out our interview with Monster Truck’s Jeremy here.

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