Enquire Within – Upon Arrival

"There’s definite promise which can be built on with a future release from the band, but this EP feels rushed and forced."

The internet’s relationship to heavy metal music is an odd one. Some blame it for the death of the industry which forced bands to get day jobs to support their hobby, while others have said it has brought new life into the genre and made the community more connected. Thanks to the internet, bands can be discovered with a few clicks of a mouse while old bands’ histories can be preserved and expanded thanks to new fans. One band that I discovered thanks to the internet was Enquire Within, a young band from Sidcup, England who have only just started to hit the road and play gigs.

Enquire Within’s debut Upon Arrival is one that I have mixed feelings about. There’s definite promise which can be built on with a future release from the band, but this EP feels rushed and forced. The first track ‘Blind’ is a strong opener that shows hope for Upon Arrival. It’s a track that is reminiscent of a young Killswitch Engage with a great chorus and riff, while ‘Wasteland’ follows suit. But when third song ‘Strong’ begins, the wheels start to fall off. The next two tracks after that seem rushed, forced, sloppy, and a bit half-hearted. The sound quality could be a lot better too and not recording with a full line up would have been more beneficial for the band. The final track ‘Shrek’ is worth discussion as it’s a cover of that creepy internet video ‘Shrek is Love.’ It’s an amusing cover but one that doesn’t live up to its full potential.

If this band can produce an album of songs as good as ‘Blind,’ they might be onto something. They just need to take their time, be patient and not run straight into the music. If not, they’ll be leaped into the pile of forgotten metal bands.

Enquire Within - Upon Arrival

1. Blind
2. Wasteland
3. Strong
4. No Way Out
5. Falcon
6. Shrek

Enquire Within are:
Daniel Lewin – Guitars/Bass
Henry Waller – Drums
Jacob Waller – Vocals

Enquire Within band pic

More Enquire Within:

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