Holy Roar Records 10th Anniversary Party

Seeing Hang the Bastard live will be worth the £15 alone.

It is very rare for a label to churn out a near flawless line of releases by quality bands, but one such label is Britain’s Holy Roar Records which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in May. They are throwing a party at The Dome & Boston Music Room in London with bands from their roster playing for an amazing steal of £15. The line-up is full of amazing acts but for this article I’ve picked my personal five favourites.

Holy Roar X

The rise of OHHMS has not gone unnoticed; from their gigging origins in 2014 to getting to play Desertfest, Temples (twice), Damnation, Hevy, ArcTanGent and the chance to support some fantastic bands including The Skull and Conan. OHHMS are simply a brilliant band that fly the flag for animal rights. If you’re a fan of exciting and challenging music, than OHHMS are the band for you. The band will also be playing their debut Bloom in full, a treat for fans who’ve been there since the beginning.

Slabdragger are one of Britain’s most exciting sludge exports and have been making waves with their excellent Rise of the Dawncrusher album. The thought of them potentially opening with ‘Mercenary Blues’ along with some tracks from Regress is mouthwatering. If you love blues riffs, sludge breakdowns and songs about space mercenaries, then Slabdragger are the band for you.

It’s impossible to talk about the history of Holy Roar without mentioning Rolo Tomassi. One of the first releases Holy Roar put out was their debut and ten years later they’re both going incredibly strong. Rolo Tomassi are the perfect headliner not because of their history with Holy Roar, but due to their incredible music. Their latest album Grievances is a fitting reminder of what the band are capable of at their best.

Svalbard are one of the best bands in the UK, I’m aware that’s a bold statement but this band’s music is just so damn powerful. Their song ‘Lily’ is a prime example of this, an instrument track that is not like their usual material; but it contains more emotion and weight than other albums. A band whose music is not only uplifting, but thought-provoking. Get down early for Svalbard.

Read our recent interview with guitarist/vocalist Serena here.

It is with great sadness that I write this as Hang the Bastard have called it a day. Nonetheless, they play to go out with a bang on one of their last London dates, with original vocalist Chris Barling rejoining the band to perform Hellfire Reign in full for the first and last time. Seeing Hang the Bastard live will be worth the £15 alone. Seeing them bow out will be an emotional moment but one packed full of old classics for loyal fans and newcomers. I really hope Hang decide to reform in the future as we’re all going to miss them. If not then at least they’re going out in a blaze of Hellfire.

Hang the Bastard Hellfire Reign

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