Vodun – Possession

"Possession is one of the best releases of 2016, no question about it."

As I said in 2014 before my interview with Vodun: “The tag “there is nothing else like them” is a tag thrown about a lot in music, not just in metal. However, a lot of these bands that the tag is applied to are nothing more than generic copies with an ‘interesting’ gimmick attached to it. Nonetheless, there is genuinely nothing out there like Vodun”. This statement has only been amplified by their recent album Possession which has brought them much deserved attention.

Possession is brilliant. It’s stunning, unique, beautiful, and just plain awesome. Combining elements of afro-beat, metal, and psychedelic rock, Vodun have made one of the freshest sounding albums of the year. Opening with a thunderous ‘Loas Kingdom’, led by Oya‘s amazing vocals, Possession truly is a captivating record. One factor that will make this record stand out is the energy on the album, there’s a strong positive force flowing through this album that makes it all the more fun. Possession feels very primal and ritualistic, after all in Oya’s words herself “Vodun is a religion that’s rooted in totemism, much like many other ancient practices.” Listening to the album is just an incredible experience and feels very honest, this is a band who get to make the music they want and it is sublime. Ritualistic tracks like ‘Minos Army’ fit in nicely with faster songs like ‘Divinity’, and doomier numbers like ‘Kanpay Rejete’. A mixed bag of songs that all go nicely together, there really is something for everyone here.

Heavy, well-crafted, and musically fascinating. Music made by three members who are so well in sync, lead by a powerful voice. Possession is one of the best releases of 2016, no question about it.

Best Tracks: ‘Loas Kingdom’, ‘Minos Army’, ‘Divinity’, ‘Kanpay Rejete’.

Vodun Possession

Possession Track list:
1. Loa’s Kingdom
2. Bondye
3. Bloodstones
4. Oya
5. Loko
6. Legba’s Feast
7. Possession
8. Mawu
9. Minos Army
10. Divinity
11. Kanpay Rejeté

Vodun are:
Oya – Vocals
Ogoun – Drums
Marassa – Guitar

Vodun band pic

More Vodun:

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