Dan Patlansky – Introvertigo

Seriously, that guitar sound is to die for!!!

Lots of things seem to be going on for Dan Patlansky at the moment. He took Europe, and the UK especially, by storm with his rock-tastic album Dear Silence Thieves. He not only provided us with a tune-packed album, but also made a name among guitar lovers by impressing everyone with a support slot for Joe Satriani. To say that album and tour were successes would be an understatement. We were hungry for more electrifying blues rock from the South African singer-songwriter and we got it in the form of Introvertigo.

The album starts off on a heavy note with “Run”. It’s an almost heavy metal-like track but still does not lack a catchy – and headbanging chorus. Some of us may have been familiar with this track after hearing it live last year; powerful indeed. Straight after that, we head into Dan’s familiar territory: the blues with his signature bluesy metallic-electric guitar and bass sound on “Poor Old John”. Ladies and gentlemen, the Dan Patkansky show has begun. The bluesy solos come up next and the bass takes the lead on “Sonova Faith”. He takes a break from the hard rock with a heartfelt melancholic track on “Loosen Up the Grip” where his “gently weeping guitar” shines through and creates an amazing atmosphere which I can imagine audiences all over the world singing along to with their lighters up in the air (or, you know, mobile phones).

We return to hard rock territory with “Heartbeat” (and an awesome acoustic guitar riff) but it is “Stop the Messing” which will be remembered by most. It’s not too heavy, it’s upbeat with an awesome bass line and perfect vocals. “Bet on Me” follows which is Dan’s “Little Wing”. “Still Wanna Be Your Man” is the slowest track on the album with extended guitar work for all of you solo enthusiasts. The album finishes with a charming track “Western Decay” and the finale “Queen Puree”, which is about Dan’s daughter.

Introvertigo is an album that can appeal to everyone in rock; from metalheads through to blues enthusiasts to the casual rock listener. Maybe that’s the beauty of this album, and of DP in general. That and his amazing guitar sound and smart songwriting. Seriously, that guitar sound is to die for!!!

Dan Patlansky - Introvertigo

Track List:
1. Run
2. Poor Old John
3. Sonova Faith
4. Loosen Up the Grip
5. Heartbeat
6. Stop the Messin’
7. Bet On Me
8. Still Wanna Be Your Man
9. Western Decay
10. Queen Puree


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