SERENITY: “Every Time You Go on Tour You Always Learn Something New”

"When the band started, there was for sure a strong will to carry on over the years, and this feeling has been growing and growing during the past years!"

Power metal is a very packed genre, within every scene there are always a few power metal bands knocking around. One band that are starting to break out are Austria’s Serenity, who have been going for fifteen years and are starting to get the recognition they deserve. Speaking to bassist Fabio D’Amore, we spoke about their latest album, touring with Powerwolf, their history, future plans and more in a chat with one of power metal’s fastest growing bands.

Serenity - Fabio

Jack: Hi, thank you for taking the time to speak to me. How are you doing?

Fabio D’Amore (Bass/Vocals): Hi! Thank you for making this possible! All good, on the road and alive!

Jack: You’re currently on tour with Powerwolf and Battle Beast. How’s it going?

Fabio: Yes,you’re right! Tour has been great,we just had our last show today in Belgium! Great crew, great audience, a perfect package and kind of a new audience for us.

Jack: What do you like about these two bands?

Fabio: Well, Powerwolf have a concept and I really like those kind of things, whether it’s my style or not. The imagery they’ve created is just awesome! Battle Beast have an impressive power and attitude on stage and Noora Louhimo’s (vocalist) presence is outstanding!

Jack: Have you learnt anything from this tour?

Fabio: I guess every time you go on tour you always learn something new. I wouldn’t know in detail, but your personal acknowledge on the road gets more detailed.

Serenity Support Dates 2

Jack: You also toured with Xandria and Jaded Star? How did that tour go?

Fabio: Completely different situation, because that was a co-headliner show with Xandria. Jaded Star were opening the shows so a huge difference on the whole tour concept. But that was also another awesome experience and we were all like a big family! Response has also been fantastic!

Jack: You played the legendary Camden Underworld as part of that tour, how did you find the venue?

Fabio: Actually we already played there a headlining show back in 2012 so we knew it already! We really like it cause it’s compact but quite centred so we always have a lot of people there.

Jack: Do you plan to do a more extensive tour of the UK in the future?

Fabio: We hope so! The UK is one of our biggest markets and audience so we want to try it again someday soon like we did in 2012.

Jack: I read on Wikipedia you all have good jobs (in the areas of Universities, research and engineering). Is it hard finding time off to tour and make music?

Fabio: Actually I own a recording studio in Italy and teach in a music school and give private lessons, so for it is making music 360 degrees. But for sure also for the other guys, as well as for me,it’s never easy to organize our schedules and make tours possible! But somehow it’s working!

Serenity - Codex Atlanticus

Jack: Codex Atlanticus came out on Napalm in January. Are you happy with the response?

Fabio: Definitely! It has been our best record concerning response so far and being able to tour a lot right after the release makes really the difference! We have also been entering the rock albums UK chart on BBC, so we are quite satisfied!

Jack: What was the recording process like?

Fabio: Quite hectic! We made it possible between 3/4 studios, divided between Austria, Germany and Italy due to our tight schedule, but it worked out. Our producer, Jan Vaćik from Dreamsound Studio in Munich took care of the process, together with us. The orchestral arrangements were done by Lukas Knoebl in Graz.

Jack: What was it like working with singer Amanda Somerville again?

Fabio: She’s always providing incredible performances for us, so we couldn’t be happier than this! Her voice really makes the difference!

Jack: You’ve been a band for fifteen years and Codex is your fifth album, did you ever believe you’d last this long and make this many albums?

Fabio: I guess so! When the band started, there was for sure a strong will to carry on over the years, and this feeling has been growing and growing during the past years!

Serenity Band Pic 1

Jack: Why has power metal endured as a genre?

Fabio: This is a difficult question, I wouldn’t know exactly. There have been many many changes during decades so I guess this is also one of the factors… constantly renewing.

Jack: Are you looking forward to Metal Days in July?

Fabio: Definitely! We were booked some years ago but we had cancel the show due to an injury! We can’t wait to make it there!

Jack: Do you like playing festivals or do you prefer club shows?

Fabio: I honestly prefer club shows on tour,while we can have our tour-production with us and be more focused on our show.

Metal Days

Jack: What are your plans after Metal Days?

Fabio: Other festivals are on the making for the summer,and also exciting upcoming tours for the next half of the year! So stay tuned!

Jack: Finally how does it feel to be in a partnership with Jagermeister for your music?

Fabio: It’s great to be part of this big family! It’s an honour for us!

Jack: What do you like about Jager the drink itself?

Fabio: Taste and the gathering feeling you can create around it, also with our fans and crew!

Serenity Band Pic 2

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