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Many people go through a mid-life crisis, but Jim Breuer is going through a mid-life triumph.

Comedian Jim Breuer, famous for his heavy metal-based comedy and looking high all the time, has just come out with his first album of music. After years of doing impressions of rock icons like James Hetfield, Brian Johnson, and Ozzy Osbourne, he decided to give it a stab with his newfound backing band, The Loud & Rowdy. I saw Mr. Breuer perform at Philadelphia’s MMRBQ Festival two years ago, and his comedy and music were on point. I was very curious going into this unique release.

Being a family man who’s an old-school metalhead, that’s what the album is mostly about. He makes a tasty brew of metal and comedy. The skit sections are short and sweet and don’t get into the way of the metal. Breuer’s a damn good singer too. I suppose impersonating metal vocalists for all these years had given him a lot of practice. The comedian is a metal frontman in every sense of the word.

The record commences with “Thrash,” setting the tone of his affection the metal, but being a middle-aged man. “Raising Teenage Girls” is self-explanatory and he further proves his ability to deliver hooks among catchy riffs, courtesy of Volbeat and ex-Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano. Jim references countless classic metal songs on “Old School,” the song itself gave me Dio vibes. In “Be a Dick 2nite,” Breuer tells a story of a drunken friend, the type of material he does for his stand-up.

He features AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson explaining Jim’s life story on “My Rock n Roll Dream” and guest singing on the unsurprisingly AC/DC-esque number “Mr. Rock n Roll.” Breuer matches Johnson’s style really well in their duet. He’s pretty versatile as a singer. “Who’s Better Than Us?” feels like an old school metal anthem. If you couldn’t tell by now, the LP has a classic, timeless feel to it. No tricks or gimmicks here. “Family Warrior” continues the family theme Jim always goes back to.

“Sugar Rush” might be my favorite number of the bunch. It’s definitely the heaviest and fastest on the record and its chorus is pure entertainment. It works perfectly for a song about kids going crazy. In “Wannabe,” he talks about his celebrity status and it reinforces Breuer’s laid back, unassuming demeanor. “The Unexplained” finishes the album on a somewhat sci-fi and spiritual note. It has a Dio mixed with Metallica feeling.

Jim Breuer has managed to deliver a solid debut record. It is both humorous and heavy, without sacrifice from either. It’s nice to see someone achieve their dreams. When most celebrities transition into music, it falls flat, but the funny man excels. While nothing innovative, the songs are well-crafted and the hooks are strong. Many people go through a mid-life crisis, but Jim Breuer is going through a mid-life triumph.

jim breuer songs from the garage

Track List:
1. Thrash
2. Raising Teenage Girls
3. Old School
4. Be a Dick 2nite
5. My Rock n Roll Dream (feat. Brian Johnson)
6. Mr. Rock and Roll (feat. Brian Johnson)
7. Who’s Better Than Us!
8. Family Warrior
9. Sugar Rush
10. Wannabe
11. The Unexplained

Jim Breuer and The Loud & Rowdy are:
Jim Breuer – Vocals
Rob Caggiano – Guitar
Joe Vigliotti – Bass
Mike Tichy – Drums

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Photo by Nathaniel Shannon

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