BROKEN TEETH: “Whatever We Do, We Shall Endorse Hardcore 110%”

"[Vinyl is] collectable, something that has always been cool ever since I got into hardcore. "

One of the most revered bands in recent years in UK hardcore, Manchester’s Broken Teeth have signed to Nuclear Blast and are about to hit the big time. With UK hardcore on the rise across the globe, it seems like there is no perfect time for this union to happen. Catching up with drummer Adam Kelly on his way home from Europe, we talked about the latest album, signing with Nuclear Blast, UK hardcore, playing with Testament, and their upcoming plans.

Adam Kelly - Broken Teeth

Jack: Hi, thanks for taking the time to speak to me. How are you doing?

Adam Kelly (Drums): Tired, hungry driving back from Europe.

Jack: Your latest release At Peace Amongst Chaos just came out. Are you happy with the response?

Adam: It’s only been out a few days and only heard good things about it. So I suppose that’s something to be happy about…

Jack: Is there a certain theme or concept to the album at all?

Adam: It’s not a concept album. Just tales of hate.

Jack: You released a music video for Show No Mercy, why did you pick this song for the video?

Adam: That’s just one that we enjoy and wanted to let people hear before the album was released.

Broken Teeth recording

Jack: What was the recording for the album process like?

Adam: It was super chill, few days pre-pro, few days in a drum studio, then spent a week or so recording guitars and vocals in Nial Moran‘s (bass) spare bedroom.

Jack: The album has been released on vinyl, what do you love about Vinyl?

Adam: It’s a collectable, something that has always been cool ever since I got into hardcore. 

Jack: You released At Peace on Nuclear Blast, how did this deal come about?

Adam: They emailed our manager asking for a demo, so we sent some shitty phone recording from the practice room, and they wanted to work with us from there…

Jack: The release on Nuclear Blast surprised a lot of fans. Were you worried about being called sellouts at all?

Adam: Nah not at all, it’s something different but we are not doing anything a sell-out would do e.g. change our sound, change our image, change the tours we do. That being said, new doors have opened to us, so we will do some different tours compared to the average hardcore band. But whatever we do, we shall endorse hardcore 110%.

Broken Teeth - At Peace Amongst Chaos

Jack: Nuclear Blast predominantly releases metal albums. Do you think there is a divide between the metal and punk communities?

Adam: Yes there is, but in hardcore it’s very mixed which makes it so much cooler than the individual “scene”.

Jack: A lot of UK Hardcore bands have exploded recently and become recognised not only in the UK but in Europe and America. Why has UKHC become so popular?

Adam: Bands are simply just doing it right. Bands like ourselves play a lot of big festivals which brings new and impressionable people to the scene. So it just grows and gets better.

Jack: You’ve been supporting Terror and Sick of it All lately. How have these dates been going?

Adam: Yeah they have all been cool. Terror are really good friends so it’s always fun.

Sick of it All, Terror, Broken Teeth

Jack: In June you’re supporting Thrash legends Testament with Savage Messiah in the UK. Are you looking forward to these dates?

Alex: Hell yeah that’s going to be sick. 

Jack: Are Testament an influence on your music at all?

Alex: Potentially a few elements but we took more inspiration from bands like Sepultura more so.

Jack: For these shows a lot of people probably won’t have heard of you guys before. Do you enjoy the challenge of winning over a new crowd?

Alex: Yeah for certain, and from recent shows we have learnt we do it pretty well. And will continue to do so.

Testament, Savage Messiah and Broken Teeth

Jack: How important is social media for Broken Teeth?

Alex: It’s 2016 it’s important for any band. It’s something people use every day. That’s how we keep people in the loop of what’s going on.

Jack: Do you have day jobs outside of the band?

Alex: Most of us do, as we got bills to pay!

Jack: What are your plans post Testament tour?

Alex: Up until then we are busy in America. So will take a few weeks to chill, have a release show for the album and then do a bunch of festivals through to September and then head out on a headline album release tour.

Jack: Finally, I’ve heard your fans go nuts at your shows. What’s been the craziest thing you’ve seen people do at your show?

Alex: That’s difficult because crazy to you is normal to me, like for example jumping off a stage or taking a spin kick to the face. I guess the above example would be crazy to you or the general public outside of a hardcore show [Laughs].

Dates with Testament and Savage Messiah:
19.06 Oxford, UK – O2 Academy
21.06 Leamington Spa, UK – The Assembly
22.06 Southampton, UK – Engine Rooms
23.06 London, UK – Brooklyn Bowl

Broken Teeth Band Pic

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