More Bands & Stage Splits Announced for Tech Fest 2016

UK Tech Metal Festival will be celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, and to mark the one month home stretch, 22 more bands have been announced. I have spent a great deal of time covering the festival in its incarnations, and back in April, I gave a rundown of the already impressive, diverse line-up and recommended a bunch of acts that merely only scratched the surface of what to expect from Tech Fest. Now, we have even more to choose from.

Following the news that Aegaeon will no longer be able to play the festival, the next announcement comes introducing the stage splits as well, including the Early Bird acts. Point blank, we should start getting very excited.

Having played an absolute marvel last year at the Newark Showground, and coming off a run with festival headliners Between the Buried and Me, Haken make perfect sense to include in Tech Fest for another year. One of the more enthralling acts in the progressive metal sphere (Progosphere?), Haken are tantamount to producing musical ambience both heavy and melodic. The hooks come in plentiful supply, with expertly crafted vocals making for a very enjoyable experience all around. They will be coming off their headline Affinitour with Special Providence and Arkentype, in support of their new album Affinity.

Exeter’s tech-metalcore extraordinaires Napoleon come as something of a welcome, having been announced previously for Tech Fest one year only to have to sadly cancel whilst the festival was going on. This year, they will mark a very unique occasion as Early Bird headliners, sure to unleash a multitude of crushing vibrancy and riffs aplenty. Napoleon will come all guns blazing and all arms swinging, with songs from new album Newborn Mind sure to be unreal pit anthems. We should definitely be prepared for something very distinct and hyped.

Sithu Aye
A passionate Glaswegian instrumentalist who has garnered his already impressive following and expanded tenfold with a thoroughly enjoyable appearance at last year’s Tech Fest. It can only be Sithu Aye. Rounding off a selection of very enjoyable instrumental artists at this year’s festival, such as Animals as Leaders, Plini and others, it is undoubtedly expected that Sithu will indulge the passions and fantasies of many tech metal fans and up the ante to the maximum. With a new album Set Course for Andromeda at the helm, if the hype is anything to go by, material both old and new will be roundly admired and appreciated.

Also announced include:
From Sorrow to Serenity
Atlantis Chronicles
No Sin Evades His Gaze
The Dali Thundering Concept
The Schoenberg Automation
Fall Of The Archetype
For The Oracle
Seek Solace In Ruin
On Hollow Ground
For The Oracle

The above acts join headliners Between the Buried and Me, Protest the Hero and Animals as Leaders, as well as appearances from Textures, Fallujah, Intervals, Fit For An Autopsy among many other bands.

With stage splits announced as well, the festival line-up looks complete for the most part. We still await after-parties (which do include bands as well), workshops and other enjoyable activities.

Stay tuned for more information.

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