NERVOSA’s Prika Amaral Talks Origins, Latest Album, Sepultura, and their Heroes Kreator and Slayer

"We’re playing a lot, doing many tours, specially in this year. We live on the road, this is our life now."

If you looked up “awesome band” in the dictionary, Nervosa would be there. The Brazilian three piece (made up entirely of women) have been relentlessly touring the world, fighting the good fight for heavy metal while raising awareness of political issues important to them. Prika Amaral talks about the origins of Nervosa, their latest album Agony, being a Brazilian band, Sepultura, and their heroes Kreator and Slayer.

Nervosa Prika

Jack: Hi, thanks for taking the time to speak to me. How are you doing?

Prika Amaral (Guitars/Backing Vocals): Hi! Thank you so much for this opportunity. We are fine, doing a tour here in Europe, I hope to survive in this tour.

Jack: Let’s start at the beginning, how did Nervosa form?

Prika: I began the band in 2010. I had a death metal band and we needed a drummer, and my friend showed the old drummer, and we decided began a female thrash metal band. We took a long time looking for girls to complete the line-up, some girls played in Nervosa but nobody was professional. And then in July of 2011, I met Fernanda Lira and I called her to do a bass test, and she told me “Let me try to do a vocal together with the bass.” The sound was good and she completed the band and then we started doing shows.

Jack: When you formed, did you form with the intention of being a thrash band?

Prika: Yes! Absolutely. My intention always was to do thrash with some elements from death metal, all the songs of demo I wrote alone, and ‘Time of Death’ is a big example.

Jack: You’re currently touring Europe at the moment, how is it going?

Prika: The tour in Europe always is very good. We love play a lot in all the places. In this tour here, we’ve done ten shows and now we have thirty two more.

Nervosa European Tour

Jack: On the tour you are playing a mixture of festivals and club shows, do you prefer festivals or club shows?

Prika: I prefer both, each one has a different energy, I love the crazy things in the small venues/clubs, and I love the big things in the festivals. The both are important, but of different ways.

Jack: Are you playing mainly new material or a mixture from the new albums?

Prika: We’re promoting our new album, the set list is a mix of the both albums, but we’re playing more songs from the new album.

Jack: Agony came out on the 3rd June, are you happy with the response?

Prika: Yes! This new album is special for us, mainly because we[ finally] have a line-up, and this album we wrote together. We worked hard, and we don’t stop in any moment, so we want to keep this way and we are working for this.

Jack: Did you approach Agony differently to Victim of Yourself?

Prika: It was almost the same, our lyrics speak about the same problems: human behaviours like corruption, intolerance, hypocrisy, etc… and the songs was a mix of thrash and death, but in Agony we have a little bit more influences from death metal, and it’s more aggressive.

Nervosa Thrash

Jack: What was the recording process like?

Prika: It was amazing, we recorded in California, USA for twenty days. We recorded the drums first and then rhythm guitars, after bass, vocals, and lead guitars.

Jack: The album deals with many serious issues such as criticism of the Brazilian health care, are Nervosa a political band?

Prika: It’s not only in Brazil, but all of the world, but in different levels, we live in Brazil and we inspired in our life and in the things that we live there. We like [to] speak about all the things that we don’t like, all the thing[s] that we hate.

Jack: You’re touring with Destruction in October, are they an influence at all?

Prika: Of course! Destruction is one of the most important thrash metal band in the world. We’re very anxious to do this tour, it’ll be a big party every day in the tour. Flotsam and Jetsam is a very good band too, we played with them in Head Bangers Open Air in last year, awesome show there. We played two times with Destruction in Brazil and it was very cool. I can’t wait to play together again.

Destruction and Nervosa

Jack: Do you still live in Brazil? If so does living in Brazil cause problems for touring?

Prika: We live in Brazil, but [at] the same time we don’t live there, because in this year example we stay there just one month. We’re playing a lot, doing many tours, specially in this year. We live on the road, this is our life now.

Jack: Sepultura are also from Brazil, do you get annoyed that they’re brought up every time someone mentions Brazilian metal?

Prika: We love Sepultura, these guys are a huge influences for us. I’m sure that Sepultura is a very important band for [the] metal world. We are proud that Sepultura are of Brazil, they opened doors for [the] Brazilian metal scene in other countries. They are an amazing Brazilian reference.

Jack: What are the plans for after the Destruction tour?

Prika: We’ll do a tour in European east and Russia and then finally in the end of November we’ll come back to Brazil to do some show[s] in our country. In December we have a little holiday and next year more and more tours.

Nervosa Live

Jack: What is the best Kreator record?

Prika: Oh! No! Don’t do this! [Laughs] I love so much Kreator and is impossible to say just one album, Extreme Aggression, Pleasure to kill, Hordes of Chaos, Violent Revolution, and Phantom Antichrist are my favourites.

Jack: Finally Reign in Blood turns thirty this year, what does this album mean to you?

Prika: The most important album of Slayer for me, I love absolutely all albums of Slayer, but Reign Blood is special because it was my first album that I listen to of Slayer and one of my first albums that I bought in my life. This album is perfect!

Jack: Thank you for your time and I hope the tour goes well.

Prika: Thank you very much for everything. Thank you so much everyone. See you in the road.


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