NAILS – You Will Never Be One of Us

With You Will Never Be One of Us, Nails have created the best album of their career.

Nails as a band have always had a strong cult following. At every gig someone either in the crowd or on stage is wearing a Nails T-shirt. Since signing to Nuclear Blast, Nails’ profile has skyrocketed with the band appearing on the cover of magazines, being featured on every metal, punk, or hardcore website (including MetalRecusants) with their work being discussed on many online message boards and Facebook groups. You can’t escape Nails, they are literally everywhere, but their latest twenty minute rager You Will Never Be One of Us justifies it. Unfortunately, there was a recent announcement that Nails’ European tour had been cancelled with the band going on hiatus, and some sources have stated the band will never play live or record again. Who knows what will happen to Nails, maybe the pressure and expectations got too much for them, but what they have left us is a discography that showed real potential.

From the opening title track to the eight minute crusher of ‘They Come Crawling Back,’ this album does not allow for a break, the foot is on the accelerator and does not stop until the album comes crashing to the end. This is Nails’ third outing and it shows progression for the band, it has the same energetic, unstoppable assault of previous albums; yet it is darker and heavier than previous releases. The influence of Slayer is also clear on this album, the guitar solo on ‘Violence is Forever’ just screams Kerry KingYou Will Never Be One of Us is an album which never outstays its welcome and it is over before you know it. If you walked away from the album while making a cup of tea you’d miss half the record. You Will Never Be… is an album that has been talked away but it is easy to see why: hard hitting, relentless, with some fantastic vocal work by Todd Jones.

There is no doubt this an angry album but with You Will Never Be One of Us, Nails have created the best release of their career: full of aggressive, catchy songs that are perfect for beating your friends up in a mosh pit. If Nails have split, then this is their finest hour.

Best Tracks: ‘You Will Never Be One of Us,’ ‘Violence is Forever,’ ‘Savage Intolerance,’ ‘They Come Crawling Back’.

In June I spoke to Todd from Nails about the album, you can find that chat here.

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Track List:
1. You Will Never Be One of Us
2. Friend to All
3. Made to Make You Fall
4. Life Is a Death Sentence
5. Violence Is Forever
6. Savage Intolerance
7. In Pain
8. Parasite
9. Into Quietus
10. They Come Crawling Back

Nails are:
Todd Jones – Vocals/Guitar
John Gianelli – Bass
Taylor Young – Drums

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