Blues Pills – Lady in Gold

The group has proved that they can consistently pump out spellbinding numbers.

Swedish retro rockers Blues Pills are on the precipice of their new LP, Lady in Gold. Their Hendrix-esque debut was excellent, filled with illustrious numbers to blast out of your stereo. I was curious what the group had in store this time around.

My favorite tracks from the first record were the first two: “High Class Woman” and “Ain’t No Change”. Both were high-energy songs drenched in late ’60s wonder that showed off the band’s groovy power. I was hoping to get something similar on this album. Alas, I did not get that. While the first LP focused on blues and psych rock jams, this new one is much more soul-based. There were definitely some soulful elements on the first album, but they are amplified on this Lady in Gold. I was disappointed at first, but after a few listens, the material really grew on me and I came to appreciate the fact that the band made a completely different album.

Vocalist Elin Larsson really steals the show. She completely shines on this record and shows off her impeccable versatility. A good example being “Bad Talkers,” when at one point shes sings in baritone with high-pitched backing vocals. The record is also chock full of vibrant and varied songwriting. The gravitas of the instrumentation makes every track truly stand out in their own unique ways. Lyrically, it’s a mix of heartbreak and spiritual metaphors.

The title track is a large hook into the LP for sure. Probably the closest thing to my favorites of the last record. Catchy melodies run throughout, filled with majestic arrangements. “I Felt a Change” is an intimate, solemn piano ballad, very reminiscent of Black Sabbath‘s “Changes,” though Elin’s delivery one-ups Sabbath’s original. “Gone So Long” is my favorite track for sure. Elin’s performance is absolutely ethereal, evoking Adele. Her vocals along with the marching rhythm section and excellent songwriting exude a lot of emotion. “You Gotta Try” has a really thick, cool and casual main riff, but also traverses into some upbeat, high octane, fast-paced sections. “Elements and Things” has a constant build up, perfect for driving late at night. It definitely transcends the original by Tony Joe White, containing an unerring sense of vigor.

Blues Pills have managed to make an album that has the DNA of their initial full-length, but gone in a different direction. Each song feels distinct and with a couple exceptions, are all simply amazing. The group has proved that they can consistently pump out spellbinding numbers. Please tour America Blues Pills!

Blues Pills - Lady In Gold 2016

Track Listing:
1. Lady in Gold
2. Little Boy Preacher
3. Burned Out
4. I Felt a Change
5. Gone So Long
6. Bad Talkers
7. You Gotta Try
8. Won’t Go Back
9. Rejection
10. Elements and Things (Tony Joe White Cover)

Blues Pills are:
Elin Larsson – Vocals
Dorian Sorriaux – Guitar
Zach Anderson – Bass
André Kvarnström – Dums

Blues Pills 2016

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