CREATE TO INSPIRE: “This Album is Going to Take a Lot of People by Surprise”

"This is the first full length record we've ever made as musicians, and it has really given us the breathing space to try a bunch of new things we've never done before in previous bands."

Create to Inspire are one of the hardest working metalcore bands in the UK. They are constantly touring and writing new music like a hard-working touring band should. Catching up with bassist Dan Fuller, we talked about the band’s recent output, their upcoming tour with Napoleon and playing Throwfest.

Dan Fuller - Create to Inspire

Jack: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to speak to me again. How are you doing?

Dan Fuller (Bass): Our pleasure! We’re doing well, still recovering from our album wrap party to be honest!

Jack: Your EP Home Is Where My Heart Dies came out in March, are you happy with the response?

Dan: Incredibly. The release date was pushed back a few times for a few reasons, so we were worried that people were going to get bored of waiting and lose interest but it was quite the opposite!

Jack: What inspired the title?

Dan: Our debut into the world was filled to the brim with feel good party vibes. We were fairly naïve back then when it came to the pitfalls of the industry, and that even though everyone might be being offered to you on a plate, those opportunities can go stale without warning and leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth. This release was our realisation that not everything in life is awesome, but with the right attitude and perseverance, you can still come out the other end fighting.

Jack: What was the recording process like?

Dan: It was such a great experience. We recorded at Red Bull studios in London alongside their awesome team and our now friend Romesh Dodangoda [Motorhead, FFAF, BMTH, Don Broco etc.] for the first time. Everybody made us feel incredibly welcome, we have a lot of love for the Red Bull team.

Create to Inspire - Home is Where my Heart Dies

Jack: You’ve also been recording an album, why did you decide to make an album as opposed to another EP?

Dan: We feel like we’ve gained the attention and the team we needed with the first two EPs, so it just made sense. We see a lot of bands failing to take it up to the next level these days, releasing EP after EP which is great if that’s what they want to do, but we really want to show people what we’re capable of as a band and felt as though another EP wouldn’t give us the room to exercise that.

Jack: You recently finished the album, how has it been making it?

Dan: Incredible. This is the first full length record we’ve ever made as musicians, and it has really given us the breathing space to try a bunch of new things we’ve never done before in previous bands. Being in South Wales really helped too, it’s such a beautiful place and we have a lot of good friends there that helped us out and gave us something to do on our days off. Without them, we’d have probably been in a totally different head space.

Jack: Did you approach making an album differently to an EP?

Dan: Absolutely. We needed to, otherwise it would have drove us insane. We took a step back from writing coolest riffs we could and really focused on the songwriting and the structural process of writing each song, and threw in a whole new direction vocally. We don’t want to give to much away, but we feel like this album’s going to take a lot of people by surprise.

Jack: Who did you record the album with and what was it like working with them?

Dan: We worked with Romesh Dodangoda, who recorded  & produced Home Is Where My Heart Dies with us at Red Bull, but this time it was at his own studio and at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales. It was even better this time around, as if that were possible. We got to know each other during the recording process of the last release, so this time walking into the studio with him felt incredibly comforting knowing how we all work & work with each other. The guy is a genius!

Create to Inspire Album Completion

Jack: When can we see a release date and title for the album?

Dan: All will be revealed in time!

Jack: In June you supported Cancer Bats, how did it go?

Dan: It was great! Unfortunately our set was cut short due to phenomenal amounts of traffic and technical issues upon sound checking, so it was hard to feel the vibe for our set, but we got to watch Black Peaks & Cancer Bats, so we left with smiles on our faces.

Jack: In August you’re touring with Napoleon, will we see new music on this tour?

Dan: We’ll be playing two new tracks on this tour and we really cannot wait to start showing people what’s to come.

Napoleon - Create to Inspire

Jack: When did you first discover Napoleon’s music and what do you like about it?

Dan: We’ve been listening to Napoleon for around three years now, since the birth of this band really. We love what most people love about them, the ridiculously good guitar work is just outstanding to listen to & watch, the whole band oozes technical prowess and Wes‘ vocals compliment their sound extremely well. Honoured to call them friends, label mates, and to tour with them!

Jack: The tour is fourteen dates long without any days off, how do you stay fit and mentally prepared for all the shows?

Dan: We’re not even sure ourselves to be honest! We keep ourselves warmed up, try not to party as much as we’d like and try and get a good nights sleep, which is the hardest part thanks to mine and Jack’s snoring.

Jack: What games do you play on tour to keep yourselves entertained?

Dan: We never played many games on tour to be honest, but we adopted a love for 8 Ball Pool on our phones while recording the album and now Pokemon GO’s out, we’ll be lucky if we even make it to the venues.

Throwfest 2016

Jack: You’re also playing Throwfest, are you looking forward to it?

Dan: Incredibly. As we mentioned, we’re in love with South Wales and the people there and to be asked to headline our own stage alongside I Killed the Prom Queen and Knuckledust is pretty mind blowing.

Jack: Have you ever been to Throwfest before?

Dan: We haven’t sadly, being Essex boys it’s quite a long way to travel or we’ve been playing somewhere else at the time, glad to say that’s about to change!

Jack: You’re headlining the third stage, do you ever worry about a lack of people at your set?

Dan: Honestly, no. We know that we have big competition and we’re essentially small fish in a big pond in comparison to the other bands on our slot time, but we feel somewhat confident… If not, we’ll destroy the place anyway!

Jack: Finally, what plans do you have for after Throwfest?

Dan: It will 100% preparation for the album, and we cannot wait.

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