Monolithian, Dysteria, Meadows, and Talking Sleeve @ The Waiting Room, Colchester (UK) – Saturday 2nd July 2016

Monolithian were simply amazing one of the best bands I had seen this year.

Colchester’s music scene always manages to draw the best of the underground and tonight was no different. Four great acts for an absolute steal of £5 when the night was easily worth more.

Monolithian/Meadows/Dysteria Colchester

Opening act Brainshit had to pull out at the last minute, but luckily Talking Sleeve stepped in their place. Talking Sleeve, who made up his entire set on the bus on his phone, was a lot of fun and a reminder of how talented he is. Being able to improvise a set at such short notice which was coherent and enjoyable takes real skill (and maybe a bit of luck), but at the end of the day it saved the show and it got it off to a great start.

Meadows are one of the most reliable and consistent bands in British sludge. They turn up on stage, turn on their amps, absolutely smash it and then ride off into the sunset. The four piece were as usual on top form; opening with ‘Plough’ and finishing with ‘Loaded to the Gunwales,’ Meadows were just unstoppable. Despite not playing Colchester since February, it’s clear they haven’t been forgotten about with enthusiastic fans singing every word. ‘Superscammel’ and ‘The Head of Henry Grey’ in particular went down a treat. Despite not playing any material from their split with Sky:Lark!, Meadows were a blast as always.

You can watch a video for Meadows’ ‘The Head of Henry Grey’ with footage from the gig here.

Up next was Dysteria from London who were just plain brilliant. As a live act they were fun, energetic, and in your face who brought with them an incredible atmosphere. Playing to a video backdrop of accidents and injuries, Dysteria’s self-described anti-human hardcore took a long time to finally reach Colchester, but we’re glad it did. Dysteria as a band create music that is intelligent, lively, and with no stupid gimmicks. More bands like Dysteria please in the UK please.

Monolithian were simply amazing and one of the best bands I had seen this year. Despite only being a two piece comprised of a bassist and drummer, they were louder and heavier than some bands with double their members. Sound-wise they were perfect and the sludge assault that the audience endured was insane. As a reward for our dedication, Monolithian faithfully covered ‘Dragonaut’ by Sleep. The band made the cover their own and everyone in the venue was singing and headbanging with the band. But that was not all, the band ended the night with a storming ‘Sea of Trees,’ it was clear how special this band truly are. Go see them live, buy a shirt and download their music from Bandcamp. They’re lovely people who deserve to be huge.

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