ONE FOR SORROW: “The Stoner Scene Is Getting a Bit Stagnant with a Lot of Samey-Samey Bands Doing Exactly the Same Thing”

"We love recording, we have great people with that we work with and its always fairly straight forward."

One For Sorrow contain something many bands lack: a strong infectious groove. In a stoner scene that is becoming more stagnant, it’s nice to see a band that’s very different and not afraid to be in a very overcrowded scene. To find out more about the band, I spoke to vocalist Joe Thompson.

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Jack: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to speak to me. How are you doing?

Joe Thompson (Vocals): Doing very well thanks, how’re you?

Jack: I’m doing great thanks for asking. How did One for Sorrow form?

Joe: Jay and I wanted this band that we’d imagined in our heads and worked hard to find the right people to create the right sound and band vibe.

Jack: Did you always form with the intention of being a stoner groove band?

Joe: Yes we knew pretty much what sound we were after.

Jack: What bands are the main influences of One for Sorrow?

Joe: Zeppelin, Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, Pantera.


Jack: A lot of people are saying that the stoner scene is getting stagnant with a lot of repetition occurring with the bands, do you agree?

Joe: I totally agree that the stoner scene is getting a bit stagnant with a lot of samey-samey bands doing exactly the same thing.

Jack: A lot of people are also saying that the genre is getting more popular, do you think it is getting more popular or are festivals such as Desertfest and the internet uniting the scene?

Joe: The genre is getting more popular and Desertfest and the Internet are helping.

Jack: Your debut album Blood Songs came out in June, are you happy with the response?

Joe: We are stoked with the response we’ve had from the release of the album. People seem to think it’s great and that is great!

Jack: What was the recording process like?

Joe: We love recording, we have great people with that we work with and its always fairly straight forward. We put the drums down first next the main guitar gets recorded and then the bass, then the guitar solos and finally the vocals.

One for Sorrow Blood Songs

Jack: Is there a theme to the album?

Joe: The theme of the album is man’s trails and tribulations in life/history/war/religion. We have thought about the next album and have plenty of ideas and some tracks mostly written already.

Jack: Last month you supported Honky at the Camden Unicorn, how did you find it?

Joe: The gig with Honky was a lot of fun, they’re a great band, lovely people and pull a good crowd so it’s a pleasure to tread the boards with them.

Jack: You only played three songs at the event, what happened here?

Joe: As with many gigs, it all ran a bit late and so a couple of the bands had to drop a song or two. We only had a half hour slot to begin with as there were four bands on that night and a couple of our songs are eight minutes long so we [didn’t] get to do many.

Jack: Members of Honky are in Down, The Melvins, and Butthole Surfers, are these bands an influence?

Joe: All those bands have had a massive influence on the metal and alternative music scenes and therefore One For Sorrow too. To claim otherwise is madness frankly.

Honky London

Jack: You’re also friends with Desert Storm, what do you like about this band?

Joe: Desert Storm are a band that have gone from strength to strength. They have been playing a long time together and have an awesome sound that is delivered perfectly in their live set through a watertight performance of heavy, catchy riffs, pounding drums and killer vocals. An all round good time band!

Jack: What upcoming plans do you have for the band?

Joe: Write more tunes, play more gigs, plan to take over the world, obviously.

Jack: Finally what is the dream band to support?

Joe: Metallica.

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