Preview: Dopethrone, Gurt, Limb & Wizard Fight @ The Underworld, London (UK) – 11th September 2016

When Dopethrone were announced to play The Underworld in June I was gutted. I had wanted to see them for years and was disappointed another year had to go by without me seeing them. The planets aligned, however, and due to injury the band had to postpone a section of the tour. Luckily for the fans they were able to come back quickly to bring their signature bluesy doom to the UK once more.

Dopethrone London

The first of two bands on the bill named after songs, are Hasting’s Wizard Fight. They are named after a Weedeater song of the same name. Wizard Fight do the name justice by producing solid sludge metal releases with no tacky gimmicks. If you love underground sludge, stoner and doom then Wizard Fight are essential viewing.

Aside from the headline act, the band I am incredibly excited about are Limb. Limb’s Terminal album came out of nowhere last year and blew me away. It’s stoner rock with big hooks, catchy lyrics and an infectious groove. After receiving rave reviews for their recent tour with Vodun, Limb are doing everything right. Supporting Dopethrone will be without a doubt another great show for the band.

You can read my interview with Limb here

Gurt seem to be everywhere at the moment. They seem to be always gigging, playing at all the festivals and releasing new albums. But this is what it takes to be huge and one day they may be huge if they carry on this trajectory. An absolute monster of a band. Gurt deserve the hype.

It’s so tempting to just write that Dopethrone are one of the best stoner doom bands currently touring so I can go to bed, but that would be a disservice to the band. Dopethrone are simply superb, their latest free EP 1312 is a reminder as to why this band is so loved in the underground. Massive, heavy riffs, disgusting vocals, catchy lyrics and a dark, foreboding atmosphere. Dopethrone are a bong hit you need to take.

Wizard Fight
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