ASSCHAPEL’s Dallas Thomas Talks Band History, Southern Lord Reissue & Possible Asschapel Reunion

"[We called it a day because] We were broke and burned out.

Asschapel is a cult underground band whose legacy has survived and endured. The members are scattered across the country so a reunion seems unlikely, but anything could happen. While the band is currently doing the press round for the reissue of their discography through Southern Lord, I chatted to guitarist Dallas Thomas about the history of Asschapel and the songs themselves!


Jack: Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. How are you doing?

Dallas Thomas (Guitar): Doing good. No problem.

Jack: I want to talk about your history first. How did you all meet?

Dallas: We all met through punk shows around the Nashville, TN area.

Jack: Asschapel were part of the Nashville punk scene. What was the scene like back in the day?

Dallas: It was pretty small for the most part with the biggest shows being around 100 – 200 people unless Fugazi played [Laughs]. But in Nashville it could be pretty tough to get people out to shows back then.

Jack: Do you still follow the Nashville punk scene?

Dallas: Only via social media [Laughs]. I have been living in Chicago for eight years so I am pretty much out of the loop as far as Nashville goes.


Jack: What was the main goal with Asschapel when you formed?

Dallas: To have a rippin’ good time!

Jack: What were the main influences of Asschapel?

Dallas: Old-School Thrash, Hardcore Punk and 70s Prog.

Jack: What was your fondest memory of your time with Asschapel?

Dallas: It is all a blur at this point… but for me Asschapel was the first band I actually got to go on multiple tours overseas and put out CDs and LPs.

Jack: What do you think was the best show you played?

Dallas: Hard to say. I am going to say Athens, Greece on our last tour in 2006.


Jack: Why did you decide to call it a day in 2006?

Dallas: We were broke and burned out.

Jack: A lot of bands have been reforming lately, would you ever consider reuniting at all?

Dallas: We are all scattered across the country now. So to do it right would take some serious dollar. Never know…

Jack: Your latest release Total Destruction: 1996-2006 has been recently released. Why have you decide to release this?

Dallas: Putting our demo on Bandcamp is what got us talking about doing a discography.

Jack: Do you have fond memories recording the material?

Dallas: Yeah I do. It was pretty awesome because our original bass player Jrob worked at a small project studio so we got to spend as much time as we wanted recording that stuff. Which in turn is why I feel the performances hold up 10+ years later even though it was all recorded on Tascam DA-88s [Laughs] Remember those? [Laughs]

Asschapel Total Destruction artwork

Jack: What was your favourite Asschapel song?

Dallas: I don’t know, they are all hits [Laughs]!

Jack: What’s it been like working with Southern Lord to release the material?

Dallas: Totally awesome! I could not have imagined a better way for us to preserve our legacy of ASS…

Jack: What bands are you currently in and what are the upcoming plans for Asschapel?

Dallas: Currently I play in the Chicago band Pelican and as far as Asschapel goes there are no plans at the moment…

Jack: Finally, Slayer’s Reign in Blood will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. What does this album mean to you?

Dallas: Jeff Hanneman Rest in Peace…

Jack: Thank you for your time, have a good day!

Dallas: Thank you!

Asschapel band

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