MAC SABBATH Manager Mike Odd on Future Plans: “It’s a secret prize in the pack”

"I'm terrified if they do and terrified if they don't."

Fast-food themed Black Sabbath tribute band Mac Sabbath have been making a name for themselves in their mere two years of existence. Their rendition of “Iron Man” (“Frying Pan”) has gotten over a million views on YouTube and was posted on Facebook by Black Sabbath themselves. They even have a Wikipedia page. Needless to say, the completely over-the-top stage show and outrageous comedy has won many fans over. Just after their Psycho Las Vegas appearance, I was able to chat with manager Mike Odd on the phone. We discussed Psycho Las Vegas, Black Sabbath ending, Mac Sabbath’s method to the madness, as well as big plans for the future, perhaps.

Spencer: So I was at Psycho Las Vegas this past weekend and Mac Sabbath was awesome, so much fun. How was Psycho for the group and the crew?

Mike Odd: Oh my God, that was the best festival. I felt like it was tailor-made for us. I couldn’t ask for a better festival. The worst part about it was we had a whole tour to get started on so we couldn’t stay for the whole thing, you know what I mean? It’s Arthur Brown and Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult, Sleep, and High on Fire, I could just go on and on how it’s just so perfect.

Spencer: It was like the Woodstock for that kind of music.

Mike: Yeah, exactly and I personally never got to see Arthur Brown so I was really torn up that I didn’t get to see him.

Spencer: I can see the similarities between Mac Sabbath and Arthur Brown.

Mike: Yeah, but we just had so much fun, it was absolutely perfect. Just loved it. I’m hoping to go next year and just go. [laughs].

Spencer: Obviously you’re starting a new tour now so does the band have any new songs, based on Sabbath classics of course?

Mike: There is a brand new song that we’re going to play tonight called “Supersize”, that we’ve only done a couple times but it’s real new. It’s a Supersize, Supernaut kind of thing. [Laughs]

Spencer: Nice. What’s the process for writing these new songs based off Sabbaths songs? What’s the process for the lyrics and everything?

Mike: Well that’s all Ronald Osbourne‘s thing. As far as him and process that’s hard for me to process. You realize I’m dealing with this crazed disturbed clown who thinks that he’s traveled in the time space continuum from the 1970s to save us from the current state of sustenance and music and bring us back to when food and music was real. And so he doesn’t respond to any technology and we have this sort of relationship where I try to let him do whatever he does as far away from me as possible [Laughs]. So that works the best. There’s sort of… what do you call it… a chromosomal deficiency or something that’s trying to make the time space continuum thing work together with him. So I just kind of let him show up at the last minute and see what happens and yeah… [laughs]


Spencer: Nice, sounds great. I’m curious will Mac Sabbath ever do any Dio-era Black Sabbath?

Mike: I think Mac Sabbath is very focused on the original line-up and also supported by the Black Sabbath. I mean the fact those guys got the joke and put it out on their social media made the video go to over a million hits so I don’t think that anybody wants to look back and disrespect in anyway. So that’s where we’re at. [laughs]

Spencer: And how do you guys feel about Black Sabbath ending?

Mike: Well, I don’t think anyone feels good about that at all. I think everyone’s secretly praying that… [laughs] that’s not going to happen. I know I’m going to see them on this run.

Spencer: Nice, yeah I saw them last week and it was very bittersweet.

Mike: Yeah, I’ve seen them so many times and it would just be a big hole missing. Hole in the sky [laughs].

Spencer: Could Mac Sabbath possibly try to fill the void?

Mike: [Laughs] I don’t know if that’s an appropriate claim for me to make but we’ll do what we can.

Spencer: Nice. Are there any plans at all for any studio recordings of any of the Mac Sabbath songs?

Mike: Boy, isn’t that the question [laughs]. Once again, that’s something hard to negotiate with someone who does not respond to technology after 1979 [laughs]. So I’m trying to arrange certain analog things but it’s difficult, so we’ll just have to see how that goes. But in the meantime to me this is just a live act. It’s 100% something that you have to see live because there’s so much going on that wouldn’t translate to vinyl or 8-track or whatever it is that’s going to happen here [laughs]. It is an arena-sized stage theatrical show packed onto a club-sized stage and it literally just has to be seen to be believed.

Spencer: It’s funny, whenever I talk to someone, I’m like “yeah it’s a fast food themed Black Sabbath tribute band” people just give strange looks. I think the concept itself is totally off the wall and I can definitely see what you mean where it needs to be seen to be believed. Are you guys doing anything different this tour besides that new song?

Mike: Yeah I think a new one since the last time is “Organic Funeral”. Yeah, that’s amazing.

Spencer: Yeah, that’s one of my favorites, cause that’s my favorite Sabbath song. I didn’t hear it from Black Sabbath so Mac Sabbath playing it is a dream come true in a way.

mac sabbath 2016

Mike: [Laughs] Or nightmare.

Spencer: Yes, good way of putting it. Besides touring and doing the crazy show, do you guys have any bigger plans for the band?

Mike: I don’t know, there’s strange things happening. We’ll see. I don’t know if I’m allowed to discuss any of that yet. But yeah, there are strange things happening and like I say: even though there isn’t maybe the release that everyone’s expecting, there are strange things going to be released soon [laughs]. I guess I’m not allowed to talk about that. It’s a secret prize in the pack or something.

Spencer: Now that I think about it, would Mac Sabbath ever do any original songs?

Mike: I don’t know. It’s funny, I don’t even know if I’ve ever been asked that [laughs]. I’m terrified if they do and terrified if they don’t. We’ll see [laughs]. I don’t what’s to be more afraid of.

Spencer: That’s funny man. I know that you’re in the band Rosemary’s Billygoat.

Mike: That’s the band I sing for, yeah.

Spencer: Have there been shows with Mac Sabbath and them?

Mike: There have not yet. My band has been around for 25 years and it’s just the guys are not really tour guys. They have other commitments so there hasn’t been the opportunity to do any of that. Yeah, that hasn’t mixed together yet. I don’t know if that will happen or not. Once again, it’s complicated. [laughs]

Spencer: Cool, well that’s all the questions I got for you today.

Mike: Cool man, well thanks so much, appreciate it.


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