Single Reviews: Rezinwolf’s ‘Poison Ivy’, Evil Scarecrow’s ‘Hurricanado’ and Metallica’s ‘Hardwired’

A single is one of the key elements of an album. Through extensive promotion and radio play, it can win fans over who once forgot about the band, convert new people to the tribe, or simply remind their fans as to why they fell in love with the band in the first place. There have been many great singles that have been released lately in the world of metal by bands big and small.

Harwich’s Rezinwolf are back after a brief hiatus with new members Josh Moreton (Dismanibus, ex-Forged in Black and ex-Kaine) and Mitch Farrington joining the line-up. Their comeback single ‘Poison Ivy’ is a fine return to form a band that graced Bloodstock in 2013 and will hopefully be invited back for another set. ‘Poison Ivy’ is a great introduction to the band for new fans and showcases the real strengths of Rezinwolf. The vocals are superb, the guitars are slick, and everything else just falls into place nicely. It’s clear a lot of blood, sweat, and tears has gone into this song and if the rest of the album is like this single then the album should be a killer.

Rezinwolf - Poison Ivy

Rezinwolf are:
Dan Murphy – Vocals/Guitar
Mitch Farrington – Guitars/Vocals
Ed Munson – Bass, Vocals
Josh Moreton – Drums

Evil Scarecrow is one of the weirdest success stories of British metal. From local scene heroes in Nottingham to amassing the biggest crowd at 11am in Bloodstock history. They have achieved a lot more than they imagined, while maintaining their unique, whacky vision along the way. Evil Scarecrow’s latest piece of unpredictable chaos is the song ‘Hurricando,’ where the band have already implemented the dance moves on an unsuspecting live crowd at Bloodstock this year. The song is business as usual from Scarecrow: memorable, funny and downright absurd. But this is Scarecrow’s genius, their songs are catchy and unforgettable with the emphasis on audience interaction adding to the song. The band though can back up the lyrics with musical talent, and Dr. Hell‘s vocals are once again brilliant. The music itself is reliable Scarecrow: it doesn’t have the complexity of Meshuggah or the depth of Deftones, but for what it is, ‘Hurricando’ is another fine addition to Evil Scarecrow’s bizarre and unpredictable discography.


Evil Scarecrow is:
Dr. Rabid Hell – Vocals/Guitars
Brother Dimitri Pain – Guitars
Kraven Morrdeth – Bass
Princess Luxury – Keyboards
Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist – Drums

After years of agonising wait, Metallica have suddenly returned. The band will be releasing their tenth album, the double-length Hardwired… To Self Destruct, on Friday 18th November. In August they surprised us all with a new single called ‘Hardwired’ which naturally split the metal community. But the positive reaction to ‘Hardwired’ was bigger than expected in some cases and the single itself is an absolute cracker. There’s a real strong ’80s vibe from this song and some brilliant thrash guitars from Mr. Hetfield and Mr. Hammett. Yes, the lyrics are a bit cheesy and the song isn’t a touch on anything on Ride the LightningBut for what it is, ‘Hardwired’ is brilliant. It gives off a strong early Metallica vibe and if the rest of the album is in this vein, then we might have the best Big four album of the decade.


Metallica are (but you really should know if you’re reading this):
James Hetfield – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Lars Ulrich – Drums
Kirk Hammett – Lead Guitar
Robert Trujillo – Bass

Evil Scarecrow

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