Truckfighters – V

It perfects their signature style and blends in all of the band members’ qualities to make some truly beautiful songs.

Truckfighters return with their fifth album named V under the labels Century Media and Fuzzorama Records. The album begins with the ironic ‘Calm Before The Storm’ as it not only starts off slowly easing you into their latest triumph but also rushes you into ‘The Storm’ half way through the song, and this ‘Storm’ continues throughout the rest of the energetic album. ‘Calm Before The Storm’ not only displays Truckfighter’s slower side but also demonstrates what they are all about; it features catchy and well-structured melodies from Dango (Niklas Källgren) alongside empowering punctuating drumming from El Danno (Daniel Israelsson) and is tied together by the vocals and bass line of Ozo (Oskar Cedermalm).

This energy continues into the next song ‘Hawkshaw’, which begins with a powerful opening riff that instantly grabs your attention by introducing each instrument one by one. ‘Hawkshaw’ is the strongest song on the album for me as it epitomises all that Truckfighters are about, it is Truckfighters in their prime. ‘Hawkshaw’ climaxes with a powerful and fast ending that brings all of the elements together, which almost forces the listener to move along.

The next song is ‘The 1’, which is definitely the heaviest song on the album. Its recurring melody is truly a joy to the ears. ‘The 1’ would be a spectacle when played live as its constant energy would install power into the audience. The 6-minute song’s ending also brings everything together; the amazing vocals, the catchy melody and a strong guitar solo which sends it off on such a high note.

The fourth song on V is ‘Gehenna’ which is yet another energetic and triumphant song. ‘Gehenna’ reintroduced slower periods focused on the vocals, giving a necessary temporary break from all of the power. ‘Gehenna’ still retains Vs power in its chorus and beautifully put together guitar solos. The song builds up throughout its course for an epic last 2 minutes filled with Truckfighters’ powerful melodies, vocals, drumming and guitar solos. It is at this point where you realise Truckfighters have put their hearts into this album – it is filled with top notch quality.

‘The Contract’ follows Truckfighters’ unique psychedelic rock style by keeping their traditional and proven methods. The penultimate song ‘Fiend’ instantly offers the listener a strong opener backed by fast and fluid drumming from El Danno, ‘Fiend’ almost definitely displays El Danno’s brilliant abilities with drums. ‘Fiend’ is filled with carefully crafted solos and long periods of instrumentals that truly compliment the abilities and effectiveness of Truckfighters. Finally, V is completed with the last song ‘Storyline’, which interestingly blends the signature Truckfighters style with acoustic and heavier instrumentals, creating a unique song and an epic ending to a great album.

Overall, V is, as said before, a triumphant and brilliant album. It perfects their signature style and blends in all of the band members’ qualities to make some truly beautiful songs. The only downside to the album is its repetitiveness as many of the songs follow a similar formula; this may be problematic for some whilst others may prefer the loyalty to tradition, it all depends on how much you love Truckfighters and what they bring to their music.


Track List:
1. Calm Before The Storm
2. Hawkshaw
3. The 1
4. Gehenna
5. The Contract
6. Fiend
7. Storyline

Truckfighers are:
Ozo (Oskar Cedermalm) – vocals, bass
Dango (Niklas Källgren) – guitar
El Danno (Daniel Israelsson) – drums

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