Wormrot – Voices

The best grind release of the year by miles, a rousing, outstanding record by an outstanding band.

After a four year absence, Wormrot have finally returned just when the planet needed them the most. The Signapore grind trio have just released their first album in five years and let me tell you dear readers, it has been worth the wait. It’s been an agonising wait, but you can’t rush good art and the detail that has gone into this album is to be applauded.

Voices is a claustrophobic experience. When listening to the album, nothing else matters. I was drawn in by a hail of blast beats and savage guitar work, and my attention span did not waiver until the final track’s last few notes left my speakers. Wormrot do not have a bass guitar but one is not needed for these twenty tracks of pure aggressive tendencies. This is prime grindcore material, the songs are chaotic and go for the knockout whether they are a few seconds or minutes in length, yet there is often grace and melody in the chaos. Fans of Wormrot will be happy to hear that the breakdowns and guitar work are as brutal as ever, new drummer Vijesh is an absolute beast and a fine addition to the band. His work is fast but accurate and it’s easy to imagine him tearing up a drum kit every night as the band destroy another venue.

Despite the chaos it is an emotional album at its core. The band have a long time to wait before getting stuff off their chest and the bile that shoots forth is as on point as ever. Members now have families and the album reflects this, it is almost protective in a way. Voices is definitely a lot more dynamic than 2011’s Dirge. On the jaw dropping album closer ‘Outworn,’ the band add elements of emoviolence and post-metal to the mix. When Arif (as reliable a vocalist as ever) screams for humanity to wake up and enters a demonic state screaming, it ended the album on a stark, chilling warning. We need to do better as a race and listening to Voices will reinforce that.

Voices is a dire warning that humanity needs to get its act together and Wormrot are a perfect band to deliver it. Napalm Death and Brutal Truth must be so proud that their work has lead to something like that. The best grind release of the year by miles; a rousing, outstanding record by an outstanding band.

Best Tracks: ‘Blockhead Fuck Off,’ ‘Hollow Roots,’ ‘Fallen Into Disuse,’ ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind,’ ‘Outworn’


Track List:
1. Blockhead Fuck Off
2. Hollow Roots
3. Exit Fear
4. God’s in his Heaven
5. Oblivious Mess
6. Descending Into the Unknown
7. Dead Wrong
8. Fallen Into Disuse
9. The 1st World Syndrome
10. Shallow Standards
11. Fake Moral Machine
12. Forced Siege
13. Take Aim
14. Still Irrelevant
15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind
16. Compassion is Dead
17. Buried The Sun
18. Defaced
19. The Face of Disgrace
20. Outworn

Wormrot are:
Arif – Vocals
Rasyid – Guitar
Vijesh – Drums


Feb. 22 – Antwerp, Belgium – Het Bos
Feb. 23 – London, UK – The Underworld
Feb. 24 – Manchester, UK – Rebellion
Feb. 25 – Leeds, UK – Temple of Boom
Feb. 27 – Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
Feb. 28 – Berlin, Germany – Cassiopeia
Mar. 01 – Vienna, Austria – Viper Room
Mar. 03 – Tilburg, Netherlands – Netherlands Death Fest

You can read a recent interview with guitarist Rasyid about Voices here

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