Dopethrone, Gurt, Limb, Wizard Fight @ The Underworld, London (UK) – 11th September 2016

To say Dopethrone were incredible would be a disservice. They have everything a crusty sludge band should have, disgusting vocals, fantastic riffs and a sense of humour.

Canada’s Dopethrone are a true DIY band, they suffer for their art and give it their all. Despite being a rescheduled date due to an injury and the gig taking place on a Sunday where transport is often tricky for London, The Underworld was packed to the rafter full of eager fans ready for their taste of the ‘Scum Fuck Blues’.

Dopethrone London

There was a very good, respectful crowd that gathered for opener Wizard Fight. Named after the Weedeater song, the band were excellent and had the whole venue bobbing their heads in time with the band’s primal riffs. They are a band to keep an eye on and were a superb opening act. The vocals were on fine form but it was the heavy, murky riffs that were truly excellent. Tighter than a Wall Street banker, Wizard Fight were a great start to a great night.

Up next were the mighty Limb, an incredibly fun band who are ticking all the right boxes. Frontman Rob Hoey was a natural on stage, encouraging the crowd but not detracting from the show by giving large speeches. As for their music, Limb were just an absolute hoot. The stoner rock ‘n’ roll grooves that the band churned out were electrifying. I may have been one of the only people singing to the hits from their excellent Terminal album, but the songs are so infectious how could I not? Ending with ‘Down by the Banks’ and ‘Cocytus’, Limb were simply sublime.

Limb Set list:
Gift of the Sun
Ghost Dance
Dawn Raiders
Portrait King
Down by the Banks

Gurt are a hard working band who have become a real fan favourite within the underground sludge scene, and a few seconds into their set it was easy to see why. They were an absolute joy to watch, their frenzied, manic and often hilarious sludge struck a real chord with those who weren’t in the know. The band clearly don’t take themselves too seriously and it showed with songs such as ‘8 Out of 10 Cunts,’ which is about journalists who write band reviews, yet still give them 8 out of 10 live. Frontman Gareth Kelly was a great ringleader, pushing the audience to go harder, igniting a mosh pit in the process. Everything is going well for Gurt, it will be interesting to see where they go next.

To say Dopethrone were incredible would be a disservice. They have everything a crusty sludge band should have: disgusting vocals, fantastic riffs, and a sense of humour. Vocalist Vincent Houde cracked jokes with the crowd in-between songs while being grateful at the same time that there was a near full house on a Sunday. The material they played was nothing short of brilliance. Newer songs ‘Shot Down’ and ‘Host’ from the Fister split went down like old favourites, while ‘Riff Dealer’ and ‘Scum Fuck Blues’ from Hochelaga were greeted with the enthusiasm you’d expect from a loyal fan base. Hearing the whole venue sing ‘Drink, Smoke, Die!’ will go down as one of my favourite gig moments of 2016. But it was their cover of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ that went down a storm. Everyone was singing as the Houde’s sludge vocals drew the audience in, before the music knocked everyone out for the count. Dopethrone were fantastic, this band need to be bigger. A class act through and through. Hats off to Nightshift Promotions for another great night!

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