God Damn – Everything Ever

They are punk rock in their attitude and music, yet write their songs with pop structures in a way that is accessible for all walks of life.

There are a lot of fantastic two-piece bands out there right now from mainstream juggernauts like Royal Blood to underground sensations such as Jucifer, Molasses, Monolithian, and Black Cobra. Sometimes with bands three is a crowd and the fusion of two people can create something truly special, a lot like the album I am reviewing here.

God Damn are one of those bands who are primed for greater things. They’re undeniably punk rock in their attitude and music, yet write their songs with pop structures so that they are accessible for all walks of life. Their gigs are in the band’s words a melting pot, with the crowd being made up of “everyone from bikers to housewives to teenage girls”. To cut it short, Everything Ever is good, really good.

The album is full of bile and anger, yet has strong mainstream accessibility which has seen them get national radio play. In some sways this band are the anti-Royal Blood. While Royal Blood’s music is polished and jazzed up, God Damn is furious, dirty, and manic. The thirteen songs on this album are all possible anthems with some tracks being catchy as hell. ‘I’ll Bury You’ and ‘It Bites’ have been drilled into my head until death. The lack of a bass guitar is not mourned as the loud, chaotic guitars lead the songs with real spite and work fluidly with Ash Weaver‘s crazy drumming. Everything Ever is an evolution on the band’s previous album Vultures; more upbeat while still a force of nature with the band’s admiration for Nirvana‘s Nevermind clear. Every song feels different and the vocals of Thom are eclectic and hypnotic. Everything Ever is a perfect album to combat the winter blues.

God Damn are destined for much greater venues, they have supported Foo Fighters before and are supporting Red Fang and Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes on tour. They are going to be huge and Everything Ever is another impressive milestone in their promising career.

Best Tracks: ‘Sing This,’ ‘Ghost,’ ‘I’ll Bury You,’ ‘It Bites,’ ‘Oh No’


Track List:
1. Sing This
2. Ghost
3. Again Again
4. Fake Prisons
5. I’ll Bury You
6. Failure
7. It Bites
8. Oh No
9. Six Wires
10. Dead To Me
11. Violence
12. Let’s Speak
13. Easily Misled

God Damn is:
Thom Edward – Guitar/Vocals
Ash Weaver – Drums


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