Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

"Despite being occasionally overproduced, Alter Bridge's fifth album is a ripping great ride full of meaty riffs, memorable hooks and Myles Kennedy's angelic voice."

Alter Bridge are a phenomenon and the next big thing in rock and metal music. Their music is accessible and mainstream, yet not bland radio rock destined for the scrap heap and nostalgia nights. When the old guard of festival headliners eventually step down, Alter Bridge will take their place. In November they will soon be taking on the 02 Arena in London, a 20,000 venue that has previously been headlined by some of the band’s influences including Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden and Metallica. 

Albums like The Last Hero are proof of the band’s claim to fame. The band’s latest is a risk as it debuts a new heavier and darker sound with subject matters turning to politics, climate change and its deniers, disillusionment with world leaders – a fitting album to release a month before the US Presidential election. The Last Hero is not only a heavier album, but louder. Given the band’s constant rise into arena territory, a bigger sound is needed to fill the venues. But at parts it feels too much, many reviews of the album have commented that the sound is overproduced, artificial and exhausting at parts. While I do not think The Last Hero is overproduced, sometimes I feel that the sound comes across as a bit heavy handed.

However, the album is far from unlistenable. In fact it is one of the greatest rock albums of the year. The darker, grungier sound fits a modern Alter Bridge nicely and it will be interesting to see how they develop from here. The album contains what is standard of Alter Bridge; an amazing vocal performance from Myles Kennedy, the skills of Mark Tremonti on guitar and a sense of hope for a brighter future. The chorus’ are as rousing as ever, the lyrics are catchier than the catch of the day and the musicianship is on top form. It’s obvious that the band love playing together. Aside from a change in direction, it’s just business as usual for Alter Bridge.

Despite being occasionally overproduced, Alter Bridge’s fifth album is a ripping great ride full of meaty riffs, memorable hooks and Myles Kennedy’s angelic voice. If there is any doubt about Alter Bridge being scene leaders, it will vanished with this album.

Best Songs: Show Me A Leader, The Writing’s On The Wall, The Other Side, Cradle to the Grave, Crows on a Wire

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Track List:
1. “Show Me a Leader”
2. “The Writing on the Wall”
3. “The Other Side”
4. “My Champion”
5. “Poison in Your Veins”
6. “Cradle to the Grave”
7. “Losing Patience”
8. “This Side of Fate”
9. “You Will Be Remembered”
10. “Crows on a Wire”
11. “Twilight”
12. “Island of Fools”
13. “The Last Hero”

Alter Bridge are:
Myles Kennedy – Vocals, Guitar
Mark Tremonti – Guitar, Vocals
Brian Marshall – Bass
Scott Phillips – Drums

Alter Bridge Promo

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