BREATHE IN THE SILENCE: “In the Beginning, Post-Tour Blues Were Definitely a Big Thing, It’s Almost Like a Small Phase of Depression.”

"Social media goes a long way in this industry. Today's industry is so internet-driven that we need to be up on it. Most of today's PR firms concentrate totally on social media. It's very important you have an online presence."

Bridgend has spawned many successful rock and metal bands that have gone on to become worldwide names. Bands from the area including Bullet for My Valentine, Funeral for a Friend, Hondo Maclean and The Automatic; but now Breathe in the Silence can be added to that list. The band have already played shows with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, The Blackout, SikTh, Close Your Eyes, Sworn In and For The Fallen Dreams, received radio play and have started their recent European campaigns. With the band on the rise, I caught up with guitarist Nathan Campfield to see what was occurring in camp Breathe in the Silence.


Jack: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. How are you doing?

Nathan Campfield (Guitar): Hi guys! Yeah we’re doing great, we’re currently in the van driving through the Swiss Alps towards the last two shows of our UK/EU tour supporting the new record. It’s the first time we’ve been to Europe and we’re all loving it so far!

Jack: So how did Breathe in the Silence form?

Nathan: We formed from a group of young musicians all tied in between different social circles when we were in comprehensive school. The idea came from Adam [Williams, vocals] and myself at Reading Festival 2012, and the band were formed and we played our first gig in the spring of 2013.

Jack: You described your sound on Facebook as Valleycore. Has being from Bridgend influenced your sound?

Nathan: Of course! We have had so many different bands come from this area which we’ve come to love such as The Blackout, Funeral For A Friend, Kids In Glass Houses etc. We’ve grown up listening to these bands so of course we’re influenced by them! We do try to adapt and we do take influences from bands of different genres and shape our own sound.

Jack: What bands are your main influences?

Nathan: In the band, we all have so many differences in the interest of music we like to write. Such as Jake [Bowen, bass] is influenced by bands such as Slipknot and Whitechapel, while Zakk [Joshua, guitar] listens to bands like Bon Iver and Amon Tobin. We are looking to hone in everyone’s influences for our next release and giving everyone that more space to be creative.


Jack: Have you been influenced by any films, books or pieces of art?

Nathan: I can’t say that any of the above has influenced us; music is what inspires us and colours our painting.

Jack: How surreal was it having your music played on Radio 1?

Nathan: It was the first time we’ve ever been on national radio so that night was very special for us. It was a big accomplishment and honour for us to be played for so many people. It was very surreal to say the least!

Jack: Your latest EP Hold My Heart has just been released, are you happy with the response?

Nathan: Everyone seems to be enjoying the new record, it’s been a long time in the making and we’re reading some of the reviews now and most are pretty positive, Kerrang! Magazine gave us 3 K’s which was sick!

Jack: The album has been described as a more mature release. How has the band matured?

Nathan: We have done a lot of hard graft in the run up to Hold My Heart. Our band members have changed a couple of times and we evolved as a band from then because of the circumstances. We’ve had to mature and grow up as a band as our situations within the band and in our personal lives changed. A lot of tensions were high in the process but in the end we’ve come out of this cycle strong as ever!


Jack: What was the recording process like?

Nathan: We worked with renowned producer Romesh Dodongoda for Hold My Heart and he did a stellar job of making our vision a reality.

Jack: Sean Smith from The Blackout appears on ‘Devil’s Peak’ on the album. How did he become involved and what was it like working with him?

Nathan: We think he’d heard of us before, so we popped him an email and he responded very quickly with a lot of enthusiasm! He helped us to write ‘Devil’s Peak’ as we were in the draft stages with the vocals. He’s a top guy and didn’t need to help us out but did just for the fun of it!

Jack: In September in support of the album you embarked on a short European tour. How did the tour go?

Nathan: It was nice going out of the UK and pretty much having a holiday together. We played the shows but got to see Amsterdam, Lake Garda and The Swiss Alps as well as the places we were playing. It was an experience for sure.

Jack: What bands on the tour stood out to you?

Nathan: Big love to Beyond Recall, Across The Divide, Heartbound, Reaper In Sicily and Dream State for impressing us so much! Tight bands that are going places!


Jack: What for you is the best thing about touring?

Nathan: Definitely being able to meet some absolutely brilliant new people and seeing new places. Big shout out to Beth Jardine, Tom at 229, Filipo at Grind house and Lindsay at 227. You guys made the EU tour!

Jack: Do you find it hard readjusting to ‘normal life’ after tour?

Nathan: In the beginning, post-tour blues were definitely a big thing, it’s almost like a small phase of depression. But as we’ve toured more, the change between has become easier to deal with.

Jack: Is it hard fitting the day jobs around the tour?

Nathan: For some of us it’s easier than others, luckily most of our bosses are supportive of the band and let us take whatever time we need off when we need off. Big love to some of our employers at Fuel Rock Club, Popworld Cardiff, Topman Newport and Wetherspoons for supporting us!


Jack: How important is social media for the band?

Nathan: Social media goes a long way in this industry. Today’s industry is so internet-driven that we need to be up on it. Most of today’s PR firms concentrate totally on social media. It’s very important you have an online presence.

Jack: How did you find playing Download?

Nathan: It was a phenomenal experience that gave us the taste of professional musicianship that drives us forward. It’s nice to know that we are capable of things like that, it keeps our morale high at the worst of times.

Jack: Finally what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Nathan: We plan to use the rest of the year to think about the next move. We have done a lot of touring this year and feel we need to work on stuff behind the scenes for a little while. We have plans to be back on the road in 2016 however, watch this space!


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