MOLOCH: “We Just Want to Provide a Filthy, Horrible and Pretty Unappealing Listening Experience.”

"We try and keep it as negative as possible; drawing influence from negative personal experiences, bad times, and intense, emotional and disturbing cinema."

Moloch are one of the most highly respected underground sludge bands in the UK. They’re like our answer to Eyehategod. They’ve put out some amazing releases, with many more to follow. To find out more about the dark, mirky waters that Moloch swim in, I interviewed vocalist Chris Braddock.


Jack: Hi Moloch, thanks for taking the time to speak to me. How are you doing?

Chris Braddock (Vocals): Okay thanks – just been listening to new mixes of our upcoming splits with Cloud Rat and Disrotted.

Jack: So how did Moloch form?

Chris: Moloch started way back in 2007. We were playing in fast(er) hardcore bands at the time and wanted to do something slower, heavier and nastier. But still with a hardcore / punk edge. The original incarnation of Moloch consisted of some different members.

Jack: As your Facebook name is Moloch sludge, what is so appealing about playing sludge music?

Chris: I don’t know if it’s appealing. We just want to provide a filthy, horrible and pretty unappealing listening experience.

Jack: What are the main influences of Moloch?

Chris: As a band we were influenced by the likes of Unruh, Dystopia, Noothgrush, Unsane, Wellington, Hard to Swallow, Crossed Out, Iron Monkey, Dead and Gone in our earlier days and we are inspired by the likes of The Birthday Party, Swans, Songs Ohia and such. We try and keep it as negative as possible; drawing influence from negative personal experiences, bad times, and intense, emotional and disturbing cinema.


Jack: What lyrical themes do you tend to tackle?

Chris: All negative stuff; bad personal experiences, depression, [and] humanity’s ability to be vile, cruel and destructive.

Jack: You completed a mini tour at the end of August, how did it go?

Chris: It was fun. We did a week at the start of August with our friends Savage Realm (which is ex-members of Lich and Kunal who does Superfi Recs) – that was great. We also got to play with Dawn Ray’d a couple of times which was wicked. We did a weekend of gigs at the end of August which was also good. We got to play with Kalloused who Feast of Tentacles are releasing an LP for very soon, and also play a great all-dayer in Colchester with loads of mates.

Jack: You played two gigs in one day, one being in Colchester and the other in Brighton, how did that go?

Chris: It was good. 6 hours of driving but both shows were good.

Jack: What do you love about the Colchester scene?

Chris: We’ve played there twice and both times it’s been great. Chris Moore (Jotnarr/Meadows/Mother Sky) puts loads of effort in and creates a buzz and it shows. Both venues we played have been good and it’s just been a good time.


Jack: You just released a split with Lich, are you happy with how the split has been received?

Chris: Yeah – we’ve sold out of them so that’s good. It was on hold and took far too long to come out because Lich split up and there were just loads of delays with artwork, mixing, mastering everything. Andy (Dry Cough Recs), Stefan (Vendetta Recs) and Sam (Vetala Prod) were all really patient and it all happened in the end!

Jack: How did the split come about?

Chris: We’d known most of people in Lich for a long time and we played some gigs together so it just seemed natural to do a split. I think both bands compliment each other albeit one fast and one slow.

Jack: What was the recording process like?

Chris: We scrapped the first recording session and bunch of songs we recorded. It was much better second time around. We recorded at Stuck on a Name studio in Nottingham by the legend that is Boulty. He always does a bang up job.

Jack: Lich sadly have split, what will you miss the most about this band?

Chris: The beatdowns and banter.

Moloch Lich split

Jack: You’ve got around 13 releases on your Bandcamp and you gig frequently, is it hard to find time for the band?

Chris: Yes – our bassist lives in Leeds and the rest of us are in Nottingham so it can be difficult especially when you throw in real life too (family/work/etc).

Jack: What inspires you to keep going?

Chris: We enjoy it. We’ve made some great friends through the band and it gives us a chance build these relationships. It also provides us with an outlet for all the negativity.

Jack: What are your upcoming plans, any new music on the horizon?

Chris: We have loads of stuff in the pipeline. We have splits coming up with Cloud Rat and Disrotted. After that we are recording an LP. We also have some crazy touring plans in the works for 2017.

Jack: Finally, Nirvana’s Nevermind turned 25 this year, has this album affected you?

Chris: Not really – I enjoy Nirvana but its’ not my favourite record of theirs. I was always more of a Pearl Jam guy!

Jack: Thank you so much for your time and I hope to see you live in London soon.

Chris: Thanks!


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