Rob Rom of STATIC TENSION Talks Life-Changing Album: Nirvana’s “Bleach”

Like most people, the first music that I had, I hadn’t purchased myself. I was given a Walkman and a few cassettes around age 10 for Christmas, my father tried to instill Rock in me at a young age. I recall those cassettes; KrokusHeadhunter (which I still have a soft spot for), Extreme‘s Pornograffiti, and Ozzy [Osbourne]’s No Rest for the Wicked. But I didn’t buy them, I didn’t physically walk in to the store and pick those. I had been given quite a bit of music up until I could actually pay for it myself. My parents had gifted me with some of my favorite cassettes as a child. When my mother purchased Nirvana‘s Nevermind, I really started getting into rock ‘n’ roll and wanting to become a musician myself.

Around the time that CDs came out and started becoming popular, I was working my first job at a McDonald’s, and I got myself a Discman, I went to a Phil’s Records in Cincinnati, Ohio and I picked up my very first CD, my very first purchase, that CD was Nirvana‘s Bleach. As I bought more and more CDs, Bleach always made its way back to my CD player. It was one of my favorite CDs then, and it is still one of my favorite CDs now.

From the opening bassline of “Blew”, I knew that the CD was special. Keep in mind I already had Nevermind – Bleach put it to shame! Much more raw, the songs felt more fun, more edgy. There was definitely something to love for any vocalist in the voice of Kurt [Cobain]. There were a lot of points where I had thought “technically, this sounds like garbage, but it’s such good garbage…. The perfect garbage!”

A 90s kid I am, and will always be at heart. I love my fair share of metal, classic rock and death metal. I even went through the whole Nu Metal phase, but very few bands still hit me like the 90s bands do. Bleach totally encompasses the nostalgic “those were the days” emotions in me.



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