ELECTRIC CITIZEN, HORISONT & MOONS @ Voltage Lounge, Philadelphia (USA) – 22nd November 2016

There's this raw, no bullshit, straight up rock and roll aspect I like about Electric Citizen while playing live.

Electric Citizen have been on a roll lately with a new album earlier this Spring, touring Europe twice and are finishing off the year with an American tour. I caught them at the Psycho Las Vegas pre-fest in August, and man was that was a fun time. This time around, I witnessed them at their last tour stop at Philadelphia’s quaint yet grungy Voltage Lounge.

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First up was local freshman psychedelic doom band Moons. The frontman had a Kyuss shirt on, and that described the music pretty well. They have the usual blues/psych riffage and occasionally go into doomy dirges. The power trio didn’t do anything new or particularly original, but I liked what I heard. They were definitely one of the better local openers I’ve seen, I’ll check out their debut in whatever form happens to be in. Add this group to the ever growing pantheon of psychedelic doom metal.


The Swedish (they seem to be putting out a lot of great bands) Horisont, Electric Citizen’s touring partners took the stage next. They are a melting pot of a number of elements. I definitely heard a lot of ’70s and ’80s rock/metal in them, particularly synth-based bands of that era. Vocalist Axel is in the same vein as Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson (though with a psychedelic tint), high pitched and full of power. There was so much energy in their material and at times I could hear a bit of early Judas Priest. They run a tight ship, performing their tunes with a ton of professionalism. I can envision hearing a lot of their songs on classic rock stations. Their new song “Electrical” in particular was wickedly catchy. The five-piece ended their set with an electrifying cover of U.F.O.‘s “Rock Bottom” – an excellent way to go out.

Horisont Setlist:
1. Odyssey
2. Light My Way
3. Electrical
4. Crusaders of Death
5. Nightrider
6. Bad News
7. Rock Bottom (U.F.O. Cover)

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This is the fourth time I’ve seen Electric Citizen, and they shine every time. Their old school ’70s riff-based hard rock is always a treat, as I’m a riff guy. They started off their set with the usually high-octane “Light Years Beyond”, though it was played a bit slower and the enthusiasm wasn’t there. I can’t really blame the band, they’ve been on a nearly non-stop tour for two months now. But once they started playing their newer songs like “Social Phobia” “Misery” and “Two Hearted Woman”, the energy was brought back up. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard their older numbers plenty of times, but the newer material was more punctual.

Singer Laura Dolan is always fun to watch on stage, doing all kinds of moves adding to the performance. Her voice is always killer in the studio, but she’s inconsistent live. But she sung admirably here, carrying strong vocal melodies and fronting the group very naturally. There’s this raw, no bullshit, straight up rock and roll aspect I like about Electric Citizen while playing live. It seems that the band only has good things in their future.

Electric Citizen Setlist:
1. Light Years Beyond
2. Beggar’s Need
3. Social Phobia
4. Shallow Water
5. Misery Keeper
6. Two Hearted Woman
7. Devil’s in the Passing Time
8. Magnetic Man
9. Ghost of Me
10. Evil

11. The Trap

It’s clear that the retro rock scene is alive and well with no signs of stopping. I’m interested seeing where it will go or if it’s reached its peak. Though the vintage mindset has spread across many genres and scenes, both mainstream and underground, it’s hard to keep track of who’s referencing who and who’s influencing who. Only time will tell.


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