GIANTS: “I Think If We Weren’t Skateboarders I Don’t Think This Band Would Be Anything Like How It Is”

"We are working on some seriously cool stuff at the moment, hopefully all will be revealed soon!"

Giants are a DIY Hardcore Punk band who are proof that hard work pays off. They’ve slogged at it hard for years but now they are starting to see the fruits of their labour. They’ve toured Europe, supported some of their heroes, played the festival circuit and have been signed to Holy Roar Records. In September, I got to speak to Giants’ guitarist Jack Longman about the challenges Giants face, their latest tours, the making of their new album Break the Cycle and the band’s future plans.

Jack Longman Giants

Jack: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to speak to me. How are you doing?

Jack Longman (Guitar): No worries dude, we’re doing just fine man!

Jack: How did Giants form as a band?

Jack L: I guess we started in a similar way as to how most bands start, we were bored of our local area and what it had to offer. We were all getting into the scene and going to gigs regularly and thought “yeah we could do that.”

Jack: Was it always your intention to start off as a hardcore band?

Jack L: I would say that we always wanted to be a punk band, I guess our modern influences give us our hardcore side to the music.

Jack: What bands are your biggest influences?

Jack L: Honestly I think if we weren’t skateboarders I don’t think this band would be anything like how it is. If you’re not a skater you won’t really get it, but the attitude, the ethics and general “make do with what we got” ethos has shaped us into who we are and how we operate. Not only the general image/outlook of the band. Nowadays I think I’m the only one left who still skates, but the influence is always there, no matter what happens.


Jack: In May you went on a European tour with Landscapes and Capsize, how did it go?

Jack L: That was an awesome tour, one of the best we have done to date if I’m honest. It was just a real fun tour, awesome shows with a great bunch of people. Some of the drives were hard, but it didn’t really matter as the parties were harder.

Jack: For this tour you played some new territory such as Austria, do you research new territory when you play it?

Jack L: Yeah, we always try to look up new places that we’re visiting and see if they have any waterparks/skateparks, cool places to sight see, shop etc. It’s part of the reason we love touring so much. There’s so much more to touring than sitting in the van for 12 hours, playing a show, selling merch then onto the next show.

Jack: How did it feel to headline the Monster Tent at Overdrive Festival for your first visit to Austria?

Jack L: [Laughs] that show was nearly a disaster for us actually. Something happened at the sound desk and basically the whole of the onstage power was cut off during our first song. But we played on regardless and waited for the sound to come back on, it was sweet afterwards. That was a great festival ran by great people, we’d love to play again. Austria is awesome.

Jack: You played with Simple Plan in France, how did that go?

Jack L: Longlive RockFest was so good. We had a full room for our set and it went off, I think we were all wasted by the time Simple Plan came on, but I’m sure they smashed it – they’re veterans at their game now I’d suppose.


Jack: In May you took part in Holy Roar’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, were you happy with how the show went?

Jack L: That show actually finished up the Landscapes/Capsize run for us, it was the best end to the best nineteen days on the road we could have ever asked for. It was cool to finally play to the Holy Roar crowd and show people what we’re really about, as I feel that we are pretty different to the norm on Holy Roar’s roster, the reception we got was great.

Jack: As a band used to playing smaller venues, how did it feel to play such a large room?

Jack L: I was so happy to see the venue so full, Justine and Alex did a superb job on the whole thing. Amazing day. One of my favourite shows to date!

Jack: What has it been like working with Holy Roar?

Jack L: It has been an awesome experience. As I said, we knew we were a little different to the other bands on their roster, plus we previously had never been signed to any label before, so it was a completely new experience for us, but all expectations have been exceeded. Alex and Justine are two of the most dedicated people I know in the music industry and work really hard for the bands on HR. We couldn’t be happier.

Jack: How did your relationship with Holy Roar begin?

Jack L: Our friend sent our record to Justine to see if she liked it! [Laughs]

Holy Roar X

Jack: Your just released your album Break the Cycle through Holy Roar, are you happy with the response it got?

Jack L: Yes, very very happy. It has allowed us to do the things we always dreamed of doing with this band.

Jack: What was the recording process like?

Jack L: It was long, we had a few struggles and issues to deal with throughout. Mainly financial what with being a DIY band, but it was cool as it allowed us to record some of it ourselves, which added an extra element to it for us.

Jack: What was the biggest challenge when making the album?

Jack L: Waiting for it to be finished! [Laughs]


Jack: You also supported Comeback Kid and Defeater on tour across Europe in the summer, how was this tour?

Jack L: Absolutely incredible. Both bands are huge influences on us musically, so it was great to get out on the road with those guys and get to know them. They are both incredible bands live. We learned a hell of a lot.

Jack: What are your future plans?

Jack L: We are working on some seriously cool stuff at the moment, hopefully all will be revealed soon!

Jack: Finally, what is the dream band you want to tour with?

Jack: Dead or alive? Dead: Go It Alone. Alive: Bad Religion

Jack: Thank you so much for your time and I hope the upcoming dates go well.

Jack L: Thanks dude!


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