MR Xmas Calendar Day 6: Confessions of a Traitor

In the run-up to Christmas, we look at bands and artists which impressed us or had some impact in 2016!

Band: Confessions of a Traitor
Label: n/a
Country: UK
Genre: Metalcore, hardcore


The only appropriate way to describe Confessions of a Traitor is like if Parkway Drive breakdowns met up with Heart of a Coward‘s anger. With new EP Illuminate released exclusively through Metal Hammer, and a tour with the mighty German metalcore shamans Caliban under their belt, 2016 has been especially kind to Confessions of a Traitor.

However, it doesn’t stop there. The aforementioned tour spanned countries like Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Ukraine. The aforementioned EP landed the band at #4 on the iTunes Metal Chart, and one can argue that while charts aren’t as relevant anymore in our digital age, it’s hard to argue against any exposure being bad exposure. Confessions of a Traitor have nothing to hide, and 2017 will surely be a year to keep a close eye on them.


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